Thursday, February 18, 2021

Temporary post

 Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for taking time off of the excitement of the fandom's void but I started posting on Emma Watson's Closet and as it's the first time I'm posting these kind of articles, I needed to know if there's anything you think I should change or add.

I'm already planning on posting links to cheaper, and eco-friendly similar outfits when I'll have time to look around.

Here's the link:

Thanks to everyone who'll take the time to check it out, whether you have any opinion on it or not :)

Back to the void!


Anonymous said...

Hey Eden I think Emma retired there is a new daily mail article that seems more legit than the other posts about her leaving acting?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fashion stuff Eden, please keep it up!
Don’t want to go into this on this thread (it’s being discussed in the other one), but daily mail and legit don’t go together. Maybe a break to focus mainly on kering at the moment, but retired, not likely! At a minimum WB will get her back for something potter again in a few years mark my words. There’s no way they aren’t doing a “Force Awakens” on that at some point! Too much money.