Sunday, March 11, 2001

'Harry Potter' flying lesson scenes delayed as Emma Watson was ill

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From the Guardian:

[Zoë Wanamaker] betrayed no nerves about the new Harry Potter film in which she will play Madam Hooch. Hooch has 'short grey hair and yellow eyes like a hawk' and can tell Harry and his chums how to mount their broomsticks and get a grip correctly. Hooch is a bit of a school marm, barking at young wizards, silver whistle in hand. Zoë's Madam Hooch will be all bird, 'definitely an eagle'. She looks forward to the flying lessons (they have not shot the flying yet because the actress playing Hermione Grainger (sic) fell ill). The action, Zoë revealed, will take place in a 'quasi turn-of-the-century boarding school full of gowns and cloaks and hats.' Zoë has an exclamatory laugh, 'Hah!' Like catching someone else red-handed, it is a laugh of discovery. Discovery is her thing. She talks about 'finding' parts, as though they had gone missing. She finds rehearsing 'invigorating and exhausting,' an exacting sequence of choices: 'Every line is a decision that may hinder or help.'

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