Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Pottershots 2.0

I can't take care of a forum so I created a blog for a new and non-improved replacement for Pottershots (https://pottershots.blogspot.com/). I don't know if that's gonna work but it's free so let's try. Like for the forum, post anything you want but everything on that blog stays there, no insults, no disrespect, yada yada...

Leave the email you want to use to post in the comments below with the username you had back on the forum so I can add you and you can create posts. I won't publish it.

EDIT: I only add former members of the forum for now as there is a limited amount I can add. My apologies to those I added by mistake.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Emma Watson shares black posts with white borders because she's obviously racist. Obviously.

Not only did Emma, a woman who acknowledges her privileges as a white person but also talked about being called a "white feminist" and learning from it, post three black posts on Instagram for #blackouttuesday (hashtag in relation to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis where artists take the day off of using their platform to promote themselves or their work) because she clearly only cares about the aesthetic of her account, but WORSE, the black posts have white borders which is a clear sign of racism. Which is literally the reason why she's trending on Twitter right now as I'm writing this.

Has she donated more money to anti-racism causes than those coming at her are earning in a year? I wouldn't be surprised. But she didn't talk about it. Which can only mean she didn't do it so she must be judged for it. And if she does talk about it, it's only for the good press and no other reason whatsoever. So she must be judged for it.

Now, I know some people struggle to understand sarcasm to a point where it's embarassing so I'll be clear. Yes, this is sarcasm.