Saturday, September 11, 2021

Working on something


I'm currently working on a post about the whole La La Land departure because I saw lots of comment recently using it against Emma so I wanted to chronologically, objectively lie down everything that happened (according to the media. I wasn't there.)

I thought about making another post about the "diva" rumours but I can remember them starting back to at least 2004, so that's going to take a while to make and I'm not sure how to start it yet. I was also thinking about making a post about This Is the End, but I'm not sure as I feel like Seth Rogen kind of put that conversation to bed.

So please let me know if you'd still be interested in reading about this and if you have more topics surrounding Emma that you feel could use some clarity.

Thank you! :)

Found the gif on Pinterest so I have no idea who to credit for it, sorry.