Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emma Watson and her boyfriend in North London [August 19, 2009]

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Emma and Jay made a couple of purchases in London this afternoon. Emma bought a drink and a book called 'Inspired* by music'.

'Inspired* by music' marks the start of a wider partnership between The Prince's Trust and Starbucks to help inspire young people to turn their lives around. 
Together we will help thousands of young people by giving them the skills, confidence and work experience to get a job.

The Prince’s Trust will receive 50% of the sale price from every book sold in Starbucks, that is £7.97 per book, of which £5.97 will be donated directly by Starbucks and £2.00 will be paid directly from the publisher, Shoehorn Media. Starbucks guarantees that the total amount it will donate to The Prince’s Trust will be at least £17,910, and may be more depending on sales.

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