Sunday, August 19, 2012

Emma Watson to sing with Ben Hammersley 'Pantomime', collaborating with Ólafur Arnalds

2 days ago, IcelandReview were written about a possible collaboration between Ólafur and Emma:
Watson has actively reported on her experiences in Iceland via Twitter and recently declared her love for Icelandic music, the hipster band Of Monsters and Men and soloists Ólafur Arnalds and Sóley.

A few days after her tweet, Watson and Ólafur had dinner together where they discussed possible collaboration. Ólafur told RÚV that some things may be in the pipelines but plans are at a sensitive stage and so he would not comment on any details.

Today, Ólafur tweeted about working with Emma and Ben in a studio.
Had really a fun week making music with @EmWatson and @BenHammersley93

And Ben also tweeted a picture of him and Emma recording.
Amazing week recording here in Reykjavík with @OlafurArnalds and @EmWatson

And to finish, Ben also posted a picture of the lyrics. You can a little B and E near the parts they'll sing.

Here's what I can read on the paper:
(Ben's part)
Break ties
But struggle with chains in (?)
You'll always be the puppet wire
Stapled to my heart

(Emma's part)
I'm washed out
In sorrow and in glory
It's all the same old story
But this will be the time

And I don't know why you call (Ben + Emma "I call")
When it's all going wrong (Ben + Emma "(?)")
And I don't know (Ben + Emma "Ooh")
I'll tell you what you want to hear (Ben + Emma "I'll tell you what you want to hear")

(Ben's part)
Forgive me
For all that I have done
And all that I will do
It's not because of you

(Emma's part)
I'm darker now
And darker with each day
As both of your faces
Start to look the same

And I don't know why you call (Ben)
When it's all going wrong (Emma)
And I don't know (Ben)
I'll tell you what you want to hear (Ben + Emma)

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