Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Emma Watson is once again working with Lancôme

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It’s hot, vibrant, and has even brought out the feminine side of campaign star Emma Watson. And that’s no mean feat. The girlish offering is super bright (think turquoise Kohl, £16, and hot red Vernis, £12), getting us in the mood for Spring. It’s finished off with a Dewy Mist, £22, to stop make-up sliding south as the weather warms up (here’s hoping), and the lip colour is a Spring-ready balm.

Plus (blush-phobes, rejoice) The Blush, £34, combines cool pink with warm coral in two neat boxes, so you can blend to your little hearts’ content. It is a much safer way to take your maiden steps in cheek colour (trust me, I was there once, too). Find your apples and go for a hot pink pop, or blend up your cheekbones to sit with your natural skin tone.

The ‘In Love’ Spring/Summer 13 collection will be on sale from 2nd January – the perfect antidote to post-Christmas blues. If this is a sign of things to come in the new year, bring on 2013!
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