Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Emma Watson and Brendan might have broken up

Brendan was photographed recently hanging out with actress Alexandra Daddario. The Daily Mail call it a "date" but the photos show no PDA of any sort so they could just be friends.

The first and last time Emma and Brendan were photographed together was on October 13, 2018.

Thanks again to Anacarina and elirockchick for the info :)

You can see the photos of Brendan and Alexandra on the Daily Mail website.


Anonymous said...

I see it as few things at this point.

1) Emma may just date casually with no commitments (although past history suggests otherwise) because she is so busy and its hard to maintain them.

2) They have broken up.

3) They are together and she is just back home visiting family and friends.

Personally i think she just dates casually as i think Chord wasnt a serious relationship either. Nothing in stone on my part just an observation of where she might be in her life in terms of romance. Im just not sure if she is worried about marriage and children at this point.

Anonymous said...

It seems kinda ironic and funny that

- Emma met Tech manager Ex Mack Knight while preparing for her role as Mae on the sets of the circle. (Why I assumed - circle was shot at Medallia and she plays a Mae who starts her work in customer experience - the same field Mack specialised in before he was promoted).

- Now, Alexandra is playing the role of marketing junior in Can you Keep A Secret? (It's an adaptation of Sophie Kinsella novel - fun, lighthearted read) and probably taking tips from Brendan Wallace as he's an experienced and successful CEO. It's also likely the team is shooting in his own company and that's how they met and (probably) hit it off?

It's all a conjecture at this point but I'm jobless and bored so...

Anonymous said...

I think that they've never been together.

Gacek870 said...

I also think that they weren't together. Their Mexico trip was just a rendez-vous, or simply a sex trip.

Eden said...

First, I don't know how it goes for rich people, but I can't imagine someone going all the way to Mexico just for sex or a fling. I also don't know how it goes for people who are with someone just for fun but I don't see why bothering with the PDA. Even if they were together only a couple of months, that's still dating in my opinion.

Second, to the person wondering why I'm not posting their comments, either you're wrong and your comment is stupid and bullshit, or you're right and pressuring someone to come out even if they're not ready to. I know the chances of Emma coming here and seeing your comments are none, but I think trying to guess someone's sexuality is gross and if I post your comment, others are going to add their guesses and I don't want any of it here.

Anonymous said...

Don't call people stupid if you don't know them. Parents didn't teach you those basics?...
And your censorship is terrible.
All comments should be visible.
You could treat as private your wish wash that is at the bottom of your drawer.
But once you made it public it's about interactions with others.
You still don't get it???
This is a public space and not your friendship book...

Eden said...

I didn't say "you are" anywhere. I said "your comment would". It's conditional and even smart people are not safe from saying stupid things. I guess "stupid" is a word too harsh but my English is not good enough to come up with a milder word. I definitely didn't mean to insult you. But I don't feel bad one bit about "censorship" as you call it. I don't only publish comments I agree with but I won't post those that I find whiny or inappropriate or insulting. I don't want to deal with those and the reactions they will create.

Gacek870 said...

My guess about sex trip, was only based on a fact, that we never saw them together before the trip and we didn't see them together after the trip. Secondly I don't want to offend you, or anything, cause you are doing marvelous job with this blog, but I always gonna be against censorship, no matter what people writes in their posts.
Warm wishes.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I only wanted to share my thoughts made based on her more/less recent appearances. I like her (as a woman not as an actress) and I'm not one of the hate-creatures. I think everyone should be able to express her/himself as long as it isn't a pure slamming, just for fun. Raising questions (even not questioning!) about her most intimate matters belongs to the fact she's a public person (doesn't matter how low profile she maintains on her day-to-day activities). I don't wanna say it's freestyle and eveyrhing is allowed, only that public people need to face public criticism/evaluation (everyone faces it, but non-public people are struggling with it not in a spotlight, this is the only difference).
It's only questions. And offending someone wasn't my purpose.
I even perceive pressure done by some lgbt movements as completely inappropriate (trying to force public people to make coming out as it was with Jodie Foster few years ago before she publicly confirmed that what was whispered for many years about, but at the end it was her decision).
If you think my posts would start a rude, offensive discussion full of hate and it's the reason you haven't made them visible... Fine.

Anonymous said...


Its your site no matter if its in a public domain or not. You pay for it so you can censor it as much as you want. If people dont like it they can just choose not to come here. Some people feel like they should be entitled to do whatever they want on someone elses site, thats not how it works. Lol

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Eden, this is your blog. You can and should run it as you see fit. You are under no obligation to post comments you don't want on your blog. That isn't censorship: those people can start their own blogs, for free, on any of a huge number of blogging sites, and say whatever they want to say there. Their freedom of speech puts no onus on you to be their publisher. Your freedom of speech allows you to choose what belongs on your blog, and you owe explanations to nobody.

Anonymous said...

I think they were together; I saw someone post that they saw Emma and Brenden together (this was a while after they were spotted in Mexico).

Anonymous said...

Emma and Brandon also were in Aspen skiing right? They were together for some time.
I also dont think Emma would go for an older man like Brandon for sex. There are hotter and younger man she will scout in LA and SF. A powerful feminist like her is not going to move to LA and not have hot lovers. He looked more like for long term as in very wealthy, ivy league and mingling with the stars. That would be Emmas long term type as we saw in the past. Chord is more like a guy she wanted for his body and but not someone to bring home to her family. Those are different kind of men and Emma knows some man are for fun and then you discard them. Like she moved on from Chord to Brandon in about two weeks are so. From Chord staying with her in Boston and then she was photographed with Brandon on vacation.

ps: Alexandra and him were pictured together no proof of dating. There is a chance Emma and him are still dating.

Anonymous said...

For a brief moment I felt happy that I had 1 in 1,000,000,000 chance of dating Emma Watson until I remembered she was spotted kissing someone (who may very well not be Brendan) in Paris two months back and she might likely have a mystery boyfriend who is under wraps for now. I feel so bummed. :(