Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Guide To Getting Emma Watson To Give You Pastries And A Hug

[Version française]

The story happened on Friday (June 21, 2019) in Oxford. I don't know if giving the name of the person could get her in trouble so let's call her Bob. Let's thank Bob for sharing her story on the internet.

"So today, I thought was a normal day. Then all of a sudden... someone so familiar walked in greeted me good afternoon. I voiced out saying 'I know who you are'.
(Yes, Hermione Granger as she is more known back when I was younger and of course I tried to keep my cool, trust me I barely could.)
She came in for an appointment she specially came back in the UK for. Thing is, there was no such appointment made. (I can't disclose any further information). I told her that we weren't aware of her meeting today.

She then made her calls, tried to track the appointment confirmation and all but to no avail. She hasn't confirmed her appointment hence why it doesn't exist. Noone has the phone number of the person she was there to meet even the contact that referred her, to which it seemed even more impossible to happen.. At this point she knows it was becoming a little hopeless. Her mum spoke to me and explained that she's flying back to America on monday and she urgently needed this appointment. (They spoke very politely by the way).

They later decided to leave to grab some tea instead of waiting around. She then told me to give them a ring when I get any news of contact with the person they wanted to see. An hour passed, I was still finding ways. Crowdsourcing for a contact number that seemed impossible to obtain. I rang a few places but failed. I even rang senior management team but noone had it. Another colleague from a different department was also helping but none of us had the luck..
Although, I didn't give up until, over an hour of trying... I FINALLY managed to get through to the person! I couldn't believe my luck. But then there was another issue, it was half an hour before closing and it was impossible for the appointment to happen.

Luckily.. I have managed to convince the other department to stretch out a little longer just so the meeting can be accomodated and luckily they agreed! I rang Emma back and she endlessly said thank you to me. 15mins later she and her mum walked in bringing this box of pastries and croissant for me. I got so overwhelmed by her as I am still star strucked! Also the fact that this huge celebrity is in front of me acting like a normal human being and showing so much gratitude towards me. I had to question my identity at one point.. like who the hell am I for her to show so much gratitude for? I started fanning myself to stop myself from crying voicing out 'you're gonna start to make me cry' in front of Emma Watson as she speaks. She then came round the desk to give me a hug. A HUG!!! I already scored myself these fresh pastries and now a HUG??? I was over the moon of course!!! She kept saying how thankful she is to me and how I'm her angel for the day. I told her I wouldn't dare eat the pastries. I'll probs end up hanging it on a wall as she was the one that gave it. Her mum cracked up saying it'll go off if I don't eat it and how silly I am. 😂

I know you'd probably ask why I didn't get a photo with her nor an autograph... unfortunately... I can't, as it goes against work rules. So here's a photo of the goodies she's handed me personally to thank me instead. This incident today is something I won't ever get to live down and will definitely be on top of my life history books. 💕


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Anonymous said...

Such a tease that we never learn what the appointment was for. But sounds like a lovely experience for Bob.

Anonymous said...

This is very nice of Emma, totally agreed.
But at the same time this office clerk/assistance did a great job going the extra mile for Emma.
Completely understand her joy & excitement, but to underestimate herself/himself (asking: "who am I for her?") is too much. Everyone of us is a stranger for Emma (excluding her family/friends/colleagues).
But being so hugely surprising (which is quite understandable, I'd say) but, which is more shocking for me: diminishing her/his extra actions towards Emma is that what really struck me. It's just gobsmacking.
The only explenation would be here the behaviours of some Brits that is driven by the class society and its rules. Brits are very much trapped in their classes and it's extremely hard to go up in the hierarchy.
I remember a short video showing M. Markle visiting a public office. The director, an elderly lady took a bow in a front of someone who entered very privileged family (I really don't recognize royals at all) by a chance I'd say... Being an ordinary actress before... A cultural shock for me.

Anonymous said...

Expect an outraged Daily Mail headline;
'Leftie feminist Emma Watson and her shameful contribution to obesity'

Anonymous said...

Clever photo use Eden. insert thumbs up emoji

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

What an adorable story. As someone who's had a career in customer service, I 100% approve of the storyteller's conduct!

Anonymous said...

Awesome story but I'm still confused about a few things:

1. Appointment for what? Is it a restaurant? A doctor's office? What is going on? ��
2. How the heck did she end up getting hold of the person without their number?

Anonymous said...

What a cool story!! Eden, did you have any chance to "confirm" if it's real based on any spottings in London during the weekend or this last days being back in the US??

Anonymous said...

I'm always so happy to see it when these sweet stories about her come up.

GoldenGemster said...

How lovely for Bob and how nice to read of Emma and her Mum showing appreciation in that way. I know I would have been totally overwhelmed too.

Anonymous said...

It's funny -- I keep thinking about this story and trying to work out what kind of meeting it could be (in Oxford, for which you'd make a special trip from the US). Medical out (he wouldn't be allowed to post it), and something visa-related would be at an embassy in London. Estate agent?