Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Emma Watson promoted "Sex & World Peace" on International Women's Day

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She posted this on March 8, 2020 on her Instagram's stories. She didn't save it in her highlights yet though so I can't link it.

Why did I post it two later late? Sickness? Laptop acting like a bitch as usual? Nope, I just really didn't care XD I remember when I used to be excited everytime we were getting a new photo, but now I'm just like "If it's not about a new movie project, I have no interest in it". I really hope her dead silence is because she's working on some writing (a script preferably).

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Lutz Masebrg said...

Hi Eden, i am a very big fan of Emma, she is the most beautiful and talented actress in the world. but i wonder whats coming next after the worldwide success of Little Women?? What about "Queen of Tearling"? Greetings from Hamburg, Germany from Lutz

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents here. Although I do miss her in movies/photoshoots ... She seems happier now and genuinely inttested in feminism and helping get people interested in activism related things.

Anonymous said...

Interview between Emma & Valerie Hudson (Sex and World Peace author);

Usual starstruck/earnest Emma.
She is always SO serious.

Honestly just once I wish she posted a 'lolcat'.