Friday, December 11, 2020

Emma Watson wants more women in "decision-making roles" at COP26

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" Four hundred women - including a host of female stars - have signed an open letter to the UK government calling for more women in "decision-making roles" at a global climate summit next year. 

One woman has so far been appointed to the UK's four-person leadership team for the UN's COP26 summit, in Glasgow. 

A letter, signed by actress Emma Watson and singer Ellie Goulding, says the gender balance was "incomprehensible". 

The government says it is committed to diversity. 

The UK is hosting COP26, a UN climate change summit, in November 2021. It was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic but is seen as a crucial moment for global leaders to agree on further action to tackle climate change. 

The letter, addressed to Mr Johnson and Mr Sharma, calls for the UK government to guarantee 50:50 gender balance at the leadership level. 

It has also been signed by Hollywood actress Emma Thompson, MP Caroline Lucas, and Google's Kate Brandt. 

A government spokesperson told the BBC that 45% of the senior management in the COP26 team is female, including the chief operating officer. 

But campaigners, including those who signed the letter, say these roles are mainly operational and there are not enough women in "influencing" leadership positions. 

At last year's COP25 climate change conference, 21% of the 196 heads of delegation were women, according to the UN. 

The youth climate movement has been led by prominent young women, including Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. But for Mexican indigenous activist, Xiye Bastida, the lack of representation at high level talks is disheartening. 

"When you attend conferences, events, and panels, most of the people talking about climate are older white men," she says. 

"I've found myself in a position of feeling that I don't know enough, or that my voice doesn't matter enough, because there is a white man who dismisses my contributions. This is why I have signed this letter, because I believe that women bring heart and optimism into the fight for our lives." 

Fellow signatory, professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, director of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST). said evidence shows "diversity in decision-making - including women and men - usually leads to better outcomes". 

"So a more gender balanced leadership of COP26 will not only be fairer, it will likely improve decision-making", she says. "

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Anonymous said...

" Four hundred women - including a host of female stars.."
"A letter, signed by actress Emma Watson and singer Ellie Goulding,.... has also been signed by Hollywood actress Emma Thompson,"

Literally the first 3 women in the article are celebrities, whilst at the very end of the article a female professor specialising in climate change finally gets a mention.

I find the cult of celebrity in today's society maddening.

What should Biden/Harris do in their first 100 days in office, lets ask Kim Kardashian?

And with the rant at an end, no I'm not blaming Emma.

Anonymous said...

Who wants a bet she never wrote any of this?? :/

Eden said...

Should the 400 women who signed the letter have written a part of it? That would be a long-ass letter.

Eden said...

"What should Biden/Harris do in their first 100 days in office, lets ask Kim Kardashian?"

Actually made me laugh XD Though I'm sure some media would ask.

Anonymous said...

"You want to abandon me?!"

lol Never!! I just know you don't like negative comments here on your blog so I want to take the conversation somewhere else so we, normal fans, can talk without the time breaks produced by the moderation. It makes it boring tbh.

GoldenGem said...

Do you think Emma has officially retired from acting? She no longer seems part of the acting scene and I don't think she has bothered about her fans for a very long time. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Nope, don’t believe she’s retired from acting. Makes sense to focus on Kering and all her other stuff right now but I think if the right thing came along she’d do it.

Anon said...

OK! Magazine reports that she’s “Done with Hollywood”, but always take OK! Magazine’s stories/claims with a grain of salt because one, I haven’t seen any other source claiming the story and two, this comes after OK! also reported that she was a “diva on set” and even tied those claims in their new story. Remember too that they were the first ones to try and marry off her and Mack. I personally don’t know other projects she may get involved in, but like the anon said above, she may just be taking a break because of her new role at Kering and Covid also makes it harder to do movies.

Anonymous said...

I see her making a movie every few years if something that interests her pops up. She’s not keen on pursuing acting for the sake of it, or to be an actor. She seems to be interested in telling stories that interest her and work with people that interest her, and she’s willing to take the chance on whether those roles will come her way or not (either via the script arriving or an audition), and work away on other stuff in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

emma here

just want to wish you all a non offensive season of joy and a happy new years

gosh. i am so drunk right now.