Friday, July 1, 2022

Emma Watson covers FADDY - Italia (June 2022)


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Thank you, Dabo :)

The article is about the photographer Vincent Peters, not Emma. I didn't have access to the whole thing so I don't know if he mentioned Emma in particular but I doubt it. 

You can access it for 12€ on FADDY's website.  

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Anonymous said...

Emma should be in gothic black and white horror movie for A24 at some point she fits the vibe so well haha xD

Anonymous said...

This shoot gets used for new magazine covers all the time for some reason lol

anyway Emma looks good xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

This seems a very popular shoot for emma its always come back at least once a year haha

Anonymous said...

Eden do you think this is her getting back in the saddle so to speak, just had all those sightings recently then nothing.
And was this the thing she was spotted filming in Spain/France

Eden said...

This photoshoot is from 2015.