Friday, October 26, 2001

New interview of Emma Watson in American Girl US (November/December 2001)

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AG: How did you feel when you found out you got the part?
Emma: In a way I felt scared - I'd never done anything like a movie before! I've only acted in plays at school. At the auditions, I was majorly nervous. There were loads of people trying out, and I felt like they knew more about what they were doing than I did.

AG: Do you think you're much like Hermione?
Emma: No, not really. I supppose if you asked my brother, he would say, "Oh, yeah, she's really bossy!" but otherwise I'm not like Hermione at all. I think she would be the sort of girl I'd like to have for a friend, though.

AG: What was it like working with the animals?
Emma: Oh, I loved that! I'm all over animals - I have two cats of my own. I really enjoyed working with the owls. There were other animals in the film, too - frogs, rats, and cats.

AG: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?
Emma: We did a lot of pranks! Once Dan Radcliffe, who plays Harry, brought in a remote-controlled whoopie cushion. He tried it on me, but it didn't quite work! Then he tried it on someone else who was going to sit down on a massive sofa. When it went off, Chris Columbus, the director, said, "Cut! What is that thing?" And everyone burst into laughter.
Dan pulled other pranks, too - like making little labels that said "Kick me" or "Punch me". He would stick them onto the backs of everyone who came into sight. It was really good.

AG: Did your friends ever bug you to tell them stuff about the movie?
Emma: Never! Some people did, but they weren't my friends.

AG: Do you have a favorite character?
Emma: One of my favorites is Hagrid. Robbie Coltrane, who plays him, does a really strong accent. I think it sounds so funny!

AG: Did you get to meet J.K. Rowling?
Emma: I did! I met her just after I got the part. I really liked her - she's fun!

AG: If you could take one magical thing from the movie and make it real, what would you pick?
Emma: That's obvious - my wand! Then if I ever needed something, I could always get it.

AG: There's a scene in the movie where you make a feather float. Can you tell us how you did that?
Emma: Pure magic!

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