Thursday, April 11, 2002

Emma Watson filming 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' at Christ Church, Oxford [April 11, 2002]

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Two reports. One says they've been filming for a week and the other says for two weeks so I don't know.

First from Ain't It Cool

The second Harry Potter film, "The Chamber of Secrets" is shooting right now at Christ Church College, Oxford. Usually the Oxford papers cover such events, but it's Easter vacation for another week, and no one seems to have taken much notice of this sizeable shoot yet. The crew has been here for a week, setting up a large trailer park on the green grass of Christ Church field. I pass by it every day on my run, and get to see how things are evolving. There's definitely work being done with principals, because on Sunday I ran past a line of trailers with the following character names on the doors. Avid "Potter" readers can go to work figuring out which scenes were being shot: Fred and George, Weasley Fred and George Weasley (Stunt), Colin Creevy, Colin Creevy (Stunt), Dean Thomas, Millicent Bulstrade.

Second from The Leaky Cauldron

Chris sent us a short report from the filming in Oxford: “I went to Christ Church, Oxford today (11/4/02) where they were filming for the 2nd Harry Potter Movie. They have been filming for the last 2 weeks. They were doing a scene in the quad where Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting down and the area was covered with snow. There were people dressed in hogwarts scarves and coats carrying presents and someone said something along the lines of – oh look it’s Slytherins heir.”

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