Friday, October 25, 2002

Emma Watson at 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' London press conference [October 25, 2002]

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How much has life changed for you?
Emma: I like to keep my life as normal as possible with my family and friends. I guess the main things that have changed is that I get recognised and I've got an action figure of myself!

What was the most challenging scene for you?
Emma: Some of Hermione's lines left me wondering what on earth she was going on about!

What was it like working with Kenneth Brannagh?
Emma: He was really down to earth. He got the character of Lockhart just right - really cheesy and funny.

What do you think about Dobby?
Emma: I think he's really sweet.

Out of Harry and Ron, who would Hermione choose in the film, and who would you choose in real life?
Emma: (Embarrassed) Well I can't say who she'd choose in the film. And as for real life, I'm much better at arranging other people's love lives.

If you were a real wizard what would you do?
Emma: I'd like an owl coz it's cheaper than texting.

What's it like going back to school?
Emma: On set we had a tutor for a minimum of three hours and a maximum of five so we kept up with our work. I enjoyed going back to school and being normal again. I've got big exams this year.

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