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Emma Watson at the 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' NYC Press Conference [October 22, 2002]

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Full interview on Leaky Cauldron. Here are Emma's parts:

There’s a line in the movie of Kenneth Branagh’s: “Celebrity is as celebrity does.” Well, you guys are celebrities. Can you talk about what that has meant in the last year, becoming a celebrity?
Emma Watson: Probably the best thing is going to the really cool premieres and getting to pick really cool outfits.

TLC: Can you predict one thing you think will happen to each of your characters in the books?
EW: She will do something really clever, like she’ll be a doctor or something, or she’ll be really academic.
DR: I think these two [points at Emma and Rupert, i.e. Hermione and Ron] are going to get together. That’s my prediction.

WB Rep: Well Rupert, what do you say to that?
RG: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say as well. I was going to say hope they don’t fall for each other. [said in very ‘teenager, grossed out by love’ way.]

TLC: But do you think they will?
RG: Yes.

Can you describe the fan mail you get, and is any of it particularly funny or does it freak you out?
EW:For my birthday somebody gave me a massive, big, white teddy bear, as big as me, and they sent it in the post. I think that was completely amazing, they never even met me or anything.

Chris Columbus isn’t going to be directing the next movie. Are you excited about that, or a little bit nervous?
DR: I think the important thing to mention is that Chris is still going to be around. He’s still going to be there. With the new director it’s going to be exciting. It’s just going to be a different, new experience.
EW:Dan really said everything I wanted to say. Chris is going to be there to bring everybody in, so it’s not like he’s gone forever. Alfonso’s a really, really nice guy and I really think it’s exciting working with someone new.

This is a question for all of you. This certainly is a more active movie, and it’s darker. Do you think young kids are really going to be frightened by these scenes, the spider stuff and everything?
EW: I think fans of the book will be really, really happy with it. I think it just depends on the person.

What’s been the best thing about doing these movies, and the worst?
EW: Again, it’s the acting, which I really really enjoyed and even, when you take away all the glamour and attention and premieres and everything, it still comes down to the fact that you’re acting. And I just think being with so many fantastic actors, directors, the people we’ve worked with.

This is for all of you – during down time in filming, was there something you guys all like to do together, or what was something funny you guys did during filming?
EW: Me, when I’m not filming, I’m at school, and I play lots of sports and do arts, and hang out with my friends as much as I can.

You guys are all in an age where changes are happening rapidly. When you are acting does Chris want you to still play younger or do you just play your age?
EW: Play your age. It’s like we’re growing up with the books because we’re the same age as them. We’re just growing up with them.

The three of you got a lot of experience filming the first Harry Potter movie. Can you tell me how that affected you this time around, what gave you more confidence than you had the first time, or how it changed things?
EW: I think it’s great. I think everyone’s a lot more confident and a lot more comfortable because we knew the crew and the director, we knew what we were doing, for starters, which was good. I just think everyone came back a lot more confident.

Would you all like to continue on with the series, doing four or five movies up to maybe the seventh book, if there is a seventh book? [TLC thinks this person meant “seventh movie.”]
EW: I don’t even know if they’re even going to make a fourth or a fifth or whatever, but it’s a really, really good experience, I’ve really enjoyed them.

I have three questions for you. The special effects – Emma, being petrified; Daniel, the climactic battle with the snake, and Rupert with the coughing up the slugs – How was it?
EW: Petrified – it was this amazing wax model of me. I had to have a whole [model] made of me. I didn’t actually have to lie there like this [does very cute impression] for a half an hour or anything.

I have a two-part question. Emma could you comment on having to hug Daniel? And my other question is, how are your families dealing with all this attention?
EW: Well…
DR: [very serious, to Emma] Be careful.
[laughter, obviously.]
EW: I’ll be very careful. For starters it was ‘cringe,’ but then it was okay. Where better to hug somebody in front of 300 kids and everyone else in the whole entire world? But I mean, it was okay, it was good. He was really nice about it. You’d think he might not be but, he was very nice.

Dan what were you thinking?
DR: I was thinking, ‘Ew, get off me,’ actually. [laughter] No, I was cool with it, I didn’t mind at all. Mind? Why would I mind?

How are your families dealing?
EW: My parents, I think they’ve been really supportive.

Which scene from this movie were you most excited to shoot, dramatically speaking as opposed to the special effects sequences? And for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which scenes are you most excited to shoot?
EW: I’m really looking forward to flying on the griffin? Hippogriff, hippogriff. My favorite bit of this movie, was probably the Gilderoy Lockhart scene. I thought that was pretty good.

All of us grow up believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and all that, so can you tell us what ages you were when you discovered life wasn’t what you thought it was? Also, if you could do magic, what would be the one spell you would most like to cast?
EW: First, I still love Santa Claus. And I would like to probably, have the invisibility cloak as well.

In this film you have two great actors, Jason Isaacs and Kenneth Branagh, who are amazing in it. Talk a little bit about working with them. Also, did you do anything to initiate them into the group, being the new guys on the set?
DR: It was amazing working with Jason and Kenneth Branagh. Not only are they two of the most fantastic actors in Britain, but they’re also two of the nicest people. As far as initiation goes, not that I know of.
EW: Yeah, exactly. They’re two of the most fantastic actors on the set, and off two of the nicest guys ever. And also the funniest.

You guys had a jump back in to the second film about three days after the premiere, you started back in. This time you have a little bit more of a hiatus, so what are you up to right now, and will you be working on other projects in between?
DR: Now I’m just at school, back at school. I think it actually helped going from one film to the other; we did get a holiday kind of period in there, but it helped because we were still in our characters right at once. I mean, I know I was.
EW: Yeah, same thing. I went back to school, which was good. Pretty much straight back there for me.

Do you guys celebrate Halloween at all over there?
EW: You know what? No, it’s not as big.

You wish for a bigger Halloween over there too?
EW: Yeah.

What’s been the most satisfying aspect of all of this?
RG: Meeting the people, going to things like the New York premiere, coughing up the slugs and seeing the final thing is really good.
DR: I think actually one of the best things there is, is actually seeing the finished product, as Rupert said. It’s like you give ten months, you work for ten months, and you finally see it and it’s a really great moment when you finally see it all together.
EW: Oh, you both nicked my answer. Yeah, it’s basically, you spend ten months doing it, and you haven’t seen the special effects, you haven’t seen any of the editing, you haven’t seen anything. And because you worked on it, it’s like this massive surprise when you see it.

What do each of you identify with most about the characters you’re playing?
EW: In real life, I don’t go around saying “Holy cricket” too much, but, I don’t know, sometimes I find myself saying some of the lines from the film, but not very often.

This is for all of you. You guys will be 75 years old and in your rockers and still be known as the Harry Potter children. Is there a downside to that?
EW: I could be 100 years old and in my rocker and I’ll always be very, very proud that I was in a Harry Potter film.

It’s just been announced that there’s not going to be an eighth book, and I was wondering, you guys are all fans of the series, so what are your feelings on that?
EW: I didn’t know that…

Do you have any favorite subjects in school and do you have any thoughts about what you’d like to be when you grow up?
EW: Favorite subject in school – I’m not very academic, so I would have to say sports or art, but if I had to say academic, it would probably be English or History. What do I want to be when I grow up? Absolutely no idea.

Do each of you guys have one thing that’s already on your Christmas wish list?
EW: More clothes.

From Chris Columbus's press conference:

Chris Columbus: I just love the idea that the two of them [Ron and Hermione], that there's an impending crush. And it's such a real thing for kids at that age. For instance, I asked Emma to hug Dan, and she said, 'No way,' and that was the day she was the most nervous being on the set. She was like, 'I am not going to hug him, no I'm not.' And I said, 'You've been petrified, this is one of your best friends, if not your best friend, you have to hug him,' I said, 'but you won't hug Ron, because that's where the tension is. So basically, she had all her friends, all the actors, actresses, she had to hug him in front of 350 actors, so as a kid she was terrified. So she hugged him, and I had to extend it through editing. She would hug him, and at the next frame, gone.

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