Friday, September 26, 2008

Emma Watson at the 75th birthday of the BFI in London [September 26, 2008]

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Orlando Bloom, Jaime Winston and Emma Watson turned out to celebrate the 75th birthday of the British Film Institute at a Southbank gala.

Paul Greengrass, director of The Bourne Ultimatum, made an edgy speech urging support for a proper national film centre to be created in Britain.

The BFI is seeking another £48 million of government cash - even though it has already given an extra £25 million on top of annual funding.

But more could be done, Greengrass said. Speakers included Liberty boss Shami Chakrabarti who introduced a film on Tibet prior to the Chinese takeover. Other guests included Leslie Philips.

Orlando Bloom said: "I've been making films for 10 years since I left school and a lot of them have not been taking place at home. But I just want to be involved in great British film. The BFI is a great place to start."

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