Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emma Watson covers Vs. magazine (Spring 2009)

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At the tender age of nine, Emma Watson was singled out to play a leading part in the most hyped fantasy serial to date, Harry Potter. Ever since, the Oxford-based Watson has relished the vote of confidence, receiving acknowledgement along with several awards for her role as the assertive female sidekick to the illustrious Potter. So how does a girl who loves school, art and literature cope with the devouring media monster? "Sometimes with severe irritation, but mostly with humor and a very good day, perspective. I haven't been treated badly by the media and for that I'm very grateful," Watson says. "I try to protect my personal and private life as much as possible and of course this isn't always easy." The Vs. notion of this issue - that we all seem to be 'waiting for the future' - isn't at all unfamiliar to the aspiring actress: "I can absolutely relate to that feeling. I'm happy Harry Potter is about to end - although I have loved playing Hermione - and my life is about to change. There is a saying that if you want to make the gods laugh tell them your plans. My life has already taken a number of unexpected turns so I'm planning for the unexpected."




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