Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New photo and interviews of Emma Watson during Coachella

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Emma Watson (who was also celebrating her birthday over the weekend) and Lily Collins bonded over their first-ever Coachella style experiences.
I’m totally new to this, so I bought some vintage denim cut-offs and old beat- up secondhand boots to wear,” Watson said. “Hopefully that will get me through anything this weekend!
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Emma Watson co-hosted the Mulberry barbecue in a Mulberry autumn/winter 2012-13 fuzzy tiger playsuit with a vintage hat and beaten-up leather jacket. She told us she was looking forward to "Bon Iver and Feist" and spending time with her British friends and co-star Katherine Pierce from her new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. "I’ve only got five weeks left in LA, shooting an indie with Sofia Coppola has just been such an amazing opportunity," she said of her new film, which has shot scenes in Paris Hilton’s home. And her festival ensemble? "Disappointingly it's meant to be chilly, so jeans and a shaggy gilet."
Source: Vogue

On a weekend break from filming Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring in Los Angeles, Emma Watson was excited to be celebrating her first Coachella—and her 22nd birthday—with Mulberry. "I've carried a Mulberry bag for a long time and they've always been quite supportive. And they're fun! I love what they've been doing recently, and I love these monsters," the actress noted of the playful decorations celebrating the Fall '12 Where the Wild Things Are collection.
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Source photo: Modalogia

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