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Emma Watson on Social Media [June 2012]

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Q: Are there any more fair trade collaborations on the horizon? A: There has been a lot of speculation about my People Tree collections, with stories running that they 'failed' or that I was unhappy. This was really strange because I felt the opposite of this. From the two collections I did with People Tree overall sales were £446,000 which was a huge surprise. The collections generated work for 400 farmers, artisans and tailors! For me though, the most important part of the collaboration was that I was able to raise the profile of Fair Trade fashion which I think I did successfully. I visited Bangladesh to see the clothes being made and spoke with the factory workers first hand to understand what the real issues were so I would be able to talk about them in an informed and real way. In terms of other collaborations, I have decided I want to put all of my energy into my acting career but it was something I really enjoyed doing,learnt a lot from and am glad I did.

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