Thursday, October 11, 2012

New pictures and videos of Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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These two are not new, but they're bigger than the first time they were posted:


  • + Stephen Chbosky did a Twitter chat and talked a bit about Emma:
Q: #PerksChat can you tell the fans something we don't know about @EmWatson and @LoganLerman?
A: @EmWatson makes great pasta and @LoganLerman wrote a piano piece for Perks. /sc #perkschat

Q: Which one of the scenes you were more excited to watch it in the big screen? #PerksChat
A: I loved the tunnel scenes. @loganlerman and @emwatson and Ezra were incredible. /sc #perkschat

Q: #PerksChat what was your favourite scene from the book to adapt onto the big screen?
A: Tunnel scenes and first kiss scene. @emwatson and @loganlerman were amazing in the first kiss. /sc #perkschat

I was emotional every time I saw @EmWatson and @LoganLerman on screen together. Especially at the end. /sc #perkschat

Q: Have you ever worried about @EmWatson playing Sam?She's British,she had never done something like that before?
A: @EmWatson was perfect for Sam. I knew it the minute I met her. She was born to play Sam. You'll see. /sc #perkschat

Q: what was one of your favorite scenes to watch the actors do? #perkschat
A: First kiss for @EmWatson and @LoganLerman. Rocky Horror for everyone else. /sc #perkschat

Q: who created that wonderfully spectacular dance for @emwatson and Ezra ?
A: @EmWatson and Ezra created the dance with a dance coach and me. It was how Emma and Ezra met actually. /sc #perkschat

Q: you picked the perfect cast! Who were you most close to? :-)
A: I'm close with all of them, but I see @EmWatson for dinner whenever we're in the same place. /sc #perkschat

Q: Thank you for choosing Come On Eileen as the homecoming song, it was absolutely perfect! #perkschat
A: Right! Isn't that the best dancing song? Ezra and @emwatson loved it. /sc #perkschat

Q: When did @EmWatson learn to make something other that beans on toast?? ie: pasta
A: @EmWatson The girl can cook, I'm telling you. Pasta, beans on toast. You name it. /sc #perkschat

Hey @EmWatson @LoganLerman I hope the shoot is going great. I'll see you soon. /sc #perkschat

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