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Emma Watson bartens for a night at NYC restaurant [20 January 2013]

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Oh girls, we got an exclusive, so get a change of pants ready in case you need them. The ever-adorable Emma Watson was spotted guest-bartending at a restaurant in Manhattan the other night, aka two of my dearest loves have just converged: bourbon and Hogwarts. She doesn’t work there on a regular basis, what with the starring in hit movies and making me wish I was best friends with her thing, but she’s apparently good friends with the bartender, so she asked him to let her pour some drinks and he of course obliged. As all people and things should do when Emma Watson asks something of them. “Can I star as Hermione Granger in your movie?” Yes, Emma. “Can I break some health codes and pour some glasses of wine at a bar where I don’t work?” Yes Emma. “Can I look good in a pixie cut?” But of course, Emma.

You can see her in the semi-grainy cell phone picture above, where she seems to be holding a bottle of bitters. So…I’ll assume she’s in the process of making me a Manhattan. Extra cold, extra cherry please! And according to the gent who took the picture, the scene surrounding its surreptitious snapping when a little something like this:

Source: “Since when did you let ladies back behind the bar?”

Bartender: “Ha. Yeah, she’s pretty cool.”

Source: “She’s pretty cute. I bet she gets this all the time, but she’s a total Emma Watson doppelgänger.

Bartender: “Hahaha. Shhhhh…”

Other Patron: “Hey Emma, can I get another glass of wine?”

Source: “Ohhhhh…”

So yeah! We don’t know about the whole ‘letting ladies behind the bar’ thing — perhaps this establishment is aware that women have notoriously shaky wine-pouring hands and weak wrists that cannot support bottles — but regardless we wish we’d been there! Thank you to my friend for the tip! I’m keeping him and the bar nameless just so they don’t have annoying people bothering them looking for an autograph. But keep your eyes open, folks, in case Emma shows up at a bar near you. Just don’t order butterbeer. Such a rookie mistake.
Source: Crushable

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