Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Israel Broussard talks about working with Emma Watson

[Version fran├žaise]

Emma Watson Updates' transcript:

Is Emma Watson as amazing as we think? 
Well, yeah, she is pretty amazing. She's so petite first of all. That's what's amazing about her (laughs). The way she holds herself. And really this is not the role you'd think Emma Watson would pick. And I honestly, I've never seen a Harry Potter so I think I was the only one on set who hadn't seen a Harry potter so I feel like Emma and I kind of had our own little connection. And her playing Nicki, I felt that the scenes together, we really clicked. We were really connected and yeah, we slayed it. 
Is there anything about her that you didn't see coming? 
Not really. I looked her up a little bit before we started filming and I get ready for my stuff you know? I research but I go in there and, you know, be natural.

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