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Emma Watson interview with Cinefilos

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Translated by Emma Watson Updates.

You come back with a really exciting film , how was meeting this character?

"I really cried when I read the script. You can't not identify with the characters. I didn't need to attend an American school or go to prom to feel like Sam or Charlie or Brad, or any of them. Sometimes I felt like I went from bad to worse. People seem to care about the character of Sam the same way they cared about the ones of Harry Potter. It puts a lot of pressure to play a character that people already know and identify with. I only hope it will meet expectations and will do justice to this wonderful book."

How was working with Stephen Chbosky, director and screenwriter and author of the novel the film is based on?

There's a connection line so pure. Steve had a full vision of the film. He had dreamt of filming it for more than ten years. He had planned every single scene of the film in his head. He knew exactly how he wanted everything to go and I had total confidence in him because it was his world."

Tell us about the relationship between the two protagonists Sam and Patrick ...

"Charlie has been through a hard time, but he is the most gentle and sensitive soul that you may encounter. Sam and Patrick try to guide him in his first year of high school, as we all know, can be scary. Sam is one of those girls at school who feels she has to constantly live fast and party. But after a while it gets tiring. With Charlie, she can finally be herself. There's not one character who doesn't grow. They deal with difficult things, but everything always goes to something humorous, so we hope to make the audience laugh and cry in equal measure. "

How was working with the other two actors, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller?

"It was fun working with Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller because we have the same type of bond in real life," she says, "this meant that work did not seem to be work. Logan will break hearts in this movie. It is devastating. He understands Charlie innately. And Ezra is so funny. Being able to improvise with him was a dream. I thought I had energy, but he's just another story. He's perfect for Patrick. It's a group of people so beautiful. In the evening we were all together at the hotel and we were playing music. We spent most of our evenings playing music and chatting and being idiots".

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