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Emma Watson in Elle Korea (March 2013)

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The matured Emma Watson seems to have shed the title of forever being “Hermione”. Studying in Oxford and Brown University and continuing to extend her filmography list, we started to become more focused on the off-screen side of her. In love with her work, Elle is exclusively presenting things she has recently fallen in love with like perfume and lipstick.

“Spring is coming. No matter what spring means to you, as an animal lover and naturalist, when spring comes, you get excited for it means that everything is coming back to life. The happiness to see of things turning green. Movement soaked in scent. And above all else, spring’s feeling of everything starting over is the best. The place that comes up in my mind when spring is mentioned is the place I grew up. It’s a small town called Oxford but it’s specially more beautiful in the spring. It seems like I’ve done a lot compared to my peers. I’m the type of person who’s stubborn and strong. The work that I do, I want to become someone who isn’t scared to challenge herself in her own way. ”

Let’s talk about movies first.
“The perks of being a wallflower (to be release this year in Korea) has been released and the latest, Noah (2014) and The Bling Ring have finished the production. Noah that finished last November, is the movie about Noah’s ark that is shown in the Bible that has been adapted into a movie directed by Darren Aronofsky. And the recent completed production project The Bling Ring, is a movie about 10 teens that got caught by the police for trying to steal celebrities’ goods directed by Sophia Coppola. It seems like I worked really hard in 2012! It was hard to shoot three movies and attending school with two major classes. In the beginning of the year, after attending Oxford, I went to L.A. to shoot the movie, then go to New Orleans to shoot a different movie, and I also shot in Iceland and New York. That’s why I worked hard and did a lot of traveling.”

I’m curious about your care beauty routine. Whether there’s something that’s used everyday or something that’s brought along no matter where you go.
“Since my skin is sensitive, instead of washing my face with the rough texture of a towel, I soak flannel in hot water and dry it off with soft linen. Whenever I go out, I use sunscreens that are at least SPF 15 or 20. Also, I try to drink a lot of water since that’s good for my skin. I believe that daily habits and routines like that bring good results. ”

Lately you’ve been starting to date someone, you must be excited for Valentine’s day, do you have any Valentine’s day memories?
“Since I was five, my dad sent me a valentine’s day card every year. There are a lot of people who say that they are dreading whenever Valentine’s day gets close but for me, I think that is pointless to think of it other than a couple’s romantic anniversary. Because it’s a day where the people I love around me is the most important. I sent a card to my girlfriends and my family. That’s why I’m happy whenever Valentine’s day comes around.”

Have you felt attracted to someone by their charm or passion?
“I feel that people who have a specific vision for themselves from the beginning are amazing. It’s an honor to be able to work with people who are like that, I feel that I’m very lucky. There’s been a lot of questions that I wish I could be asked till the end. I’m happy to be able to talk about my work. There was a point in time where all anyone wanted to ask me was about my haircut. However, those who ask me questions about my work seem as if they have a sincere interest in me so I like that. Instead of asking me questions on my appearance, asking me questions about things that interest me, like the projects I’m working on right now, encourage me. ”

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