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Emma Watson in ELLE Russia (March)

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Say to her: “Avada Kedavra!” “Ask her to play quidditch!” With these amusing requests, my friends accompanied me to the interview with Emma Watson. But I knew that the young actress had long grown out of the image of Hermione Granger, and decided in advance not to think about Harry Potter. Especially since that in the two years that have passed since the filming of the last part of the magical saga, more than enough new talking points had accumulated. Emma Watson has become the face of Lancôme: she has starred in ad campaigns for Trésor Midnight fragrance and Rouge in Love lipstick and in the new season she represents the spring makeup collection. In addition, last year on screens played “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “My Week With Marilyn,” in which Emma Watson played her first adult roles.

This year, two films starring her are set to premiere: the biblical drama “Noah” by Darren Aronofsky and a criminal tale, “The Bling Ring,” by Sofia Coppola. For the interview, Emma flew to Paris from New York straight from the set. The work was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, and the actress admits to me that she’s a little tired. However, no one can tell: she has a fresh complexion, light and slightly mischievous makeup: pink blush, pastel lip gloss, and bright aquamarine eyeliner. “I love to paint myself,” Emma says with a smile. “I started getting into my mother’s makeup bag much earlier than other girls. I don’t remember how old I was. But I still enjoy the process of putting on makeup. My favorite product? Lipstick…of a deep wine shade. I think it’s in fashion right now.”

Emma recalls with a smile how she once experimented with self-tanner and then went with orange palms for two days. On the subject of beauty she speaks very enthusiastically. It’s not surprising that the actress looks so organic in ad campaigns for Lancôme. But the proposal of the French brand didn’t catch her at the easiest time. After the end of Harry Potter, Emma wanted some time to be herself, stop acting and become a normal student, ride the subway, sit in a café with friends. But she is constantly recognized on the streets, stopped, and asked for autographs. And even when Emma was in a small village somewhere in Bangladesh, she was approached by a local child and asked: “You’re Hermione, aren’t you?” Telling about this incident, Watson shrugs her shoulders, rolls her eyes, and grabs her head, portraying the astonishment she felt at the time. “And then I realized,” she finishes, “that collaboration with Lancôme, of course, doesn’t lessen my popularity (on the contrary!), but will help me try a lot of new images. And this is exactly what I need! I don’t want to be held hostage in one role.”

Journalists call Emma “a new style icon” and “the most well-dressed actress.” These titles, as well as global attention, never cease to amaze Watson. “I don’t try to become an ‘it-girl.’ In everyday life, I dress as is necessary, and just pull on the first thing that I can reach. I don’t wear designer bags and huge sunglasses. My role model is Jane Birkin, with her spontaneity. I’m missing that quality. My friends always say, ‘Emma, you need to take life easier, relax a little and have fun.’ But it’s not easy when you’re on the screen for ten years.”

Emma truly grew up in the public eye, and now says that being a child star is not as easy as it seems. “When we weren’t shooting, I became a regular schoolgirl and had to seek out classmates, find my place in school life. But everyone pushed me away and I again left for shooting. I had more responsibility than my peers, and I had already grown up.” This is probably why Emma perfectly understand the protagonist of her most recent movie, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” This picture, which was almost unnoticed in Russia, caused a lot of noise around the world because it touches on themes of teenage sex, drugs, and suicide. Emma admits that filming was very complicated – and not just because of the subject matter. “I tortured the director with questions about my character, I wanted to know everything – how she was during her childhood, what she did after school, etc. But you know what was the most difficult? The American accent! I always had to watch what I say. I couldn’t hit some of the words. Try it yourself!” These last words Emma pronounced with an exaggerated accent, amusingly stretching the vowels. I’m happy to join in the game, and starting asking questions in American English, as if chewing a huge piece of gum. An agent catches us in this unusual pastime. He reports that the time for the interview is almost up, but I negotiate for a few more minutes for Blitz.

Favorite films?
“Amélie” with Audrey Tautou and “Giant” with Elizabeth Taylor.
Favorite series?
“Girls.” In general, I watch little TV.
Favorite photographer?
Mario Testino. He’s a genius. He is a celebrity like the people he shoots.
Fashion brand?
J Crew, Rag & Bone, Agnès B.
What directors do you want to work with?
Paul Anderson, Danny Boyle, David Fincher, Baz Luhrmann. I have ambitious plans.
Beauty Rules?
Before going to bed, I remove my makeup really well and cleanse my skin. In the morning and evening I use a moisturizer and before going out in the sun, I apply a product with SPF. I try to drink a lot of water, eat right, and exercise.
Your style icons?
Jane Birkin, Audrey Hepburn, Clemence Poesy, and Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick.
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