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Emma Watson covers IO Donna with Sofia Coppola

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Translation by Emma Watson Archives:

The dream of a thief? The shoes of Paris Hilton

Emma Watson leaves London and the tabloids nosy. Fly to Los Angeles where Sofia Coppola puts it at the head of a gang that robs villas of the star. Rummaging in all the closets. Emma and Sofia, two styles to comparison.

Pilgrimages more than transgressions. The soundtrack of companies in the Bling Ring, literally "the gang of thieves shiny things", an expression which gives the title of Sofia Coppola's latest film, is an endless string of "Oh my God." And you really have the impression of being in the presence of a sect of worshipers of pagan gods. Invocations to new idols - Louboutin, Prada, Armani - also addressed the heroine Emma Watson, unrecognizable 'dyed hair, extensions, plucked eyebrows, tanning lamp fresh, tattoos and painted fingernails. " Not to mention the 'colorful underwear, even fluorescent, high heels and skintight clothes. Well, not really my style, "says with a smile, the elegant and prim British actress. The style that the former Hermione Harry Potter nerd with teeth too big, at least in the imagination of J. K. Rowling has willingly taken Bling Ring (which we will see on Sept. 18, but in America and France came out these days) is the chronicle. That a criminal gang of teenagers who, between 2008 and 2009, repeatedly robbed the villas of a targeted list of celebrities, mostly unknown to us Europeans, but ubiquitous in the imaginary tv hunters glamorous overseas (finished then in jail, but not before seeing the green mice to the Los Angeles Police Department). The only exception, Paris Hilton, target of five robberies by the band, he willingly granted his villa for the shoot.

"I was struck by the fact that the boys would return to the house of Paris, we would pass the time, while having fun, as if they knew well, as if they would prove to be his friends," he explains with a faint voice, Sofia Coppola (" On the set, all are surprised that I do not scream like they usually do the filmmakers'), which today wearing shoes and shirt Louis Vuitton. "A story so closely linked to the reality of Los Angeles," continues the director's daughter's Godfather, yes grown in California, but in the more marginal Napa Valley, and today commuter love between New York and Paris (French is married to Thomas Mars , leader of the Phoenix). "Los Angeles is really the epicenter of the whole tabloid culture, reality tv, glamor. The boys of the "Bling Ring" lived so close to its star at a stage in life where their identity was not yet forged. That is the age of rebellion, every generation of teenagers has had his, but this appears to be the first willing to adapt. "

Emma Watson, Antonio Berardi dress and Prada shoes, is part of that generation in and out of the scene. And from his native England, where the cult of celebrity tabloid fueled by more aggressive of the planet was making life difficult, she moved to the United States. Upon graduation, just missing, "yet three exams," and then there's the film that has gratified a continuation of very respectable career, arguably the best in the mini-gang star of Harry Potter. Including unexpected emotions: "I have jaw dropping when we entered the house of Paris Hilton in turn" he says. "I never would have imagined that such a quantity of shoes and clothes could stay in one place. It was like being on another planet. No, I do not think will be able to use them all within a single life. "

From successful director and heir of the prestigious - and cohesive - Dynasty (father and brother are among the film's producers), Sofia Coppola has never been the victim of that kind of fundamentalism throughout western his film? "I'm not a character so public and not ever tell me too much in interviews, live no more or less like everyone else," he says. "And having been robbed once, I prefer ... do not leave the house key under the doormat. " Maybe he's even a little 'more than average care in protecting your privacy: do not tweet, does not have a Facebook account ... "I have two children and a job," he explains. "I have no time for a second virtual life. And it gives me no pleasure to share my private with strangers. " For its part, Emma, ​​that defines the British cinema - now that he has experienced the oversize Hollywood - a "cottage industry" (and who knows who would say Cinecittà), has been vaccinated as a child and releases small doses of private life: "I have a boyfriend, and here I stop. I do yoga and I love ping pong. " the rest "My father did not allow us to look on the TV, the reality for me is an unknown world." The anti-Paris, anti-Lindsay Lohan? His wardrobe is much more modest than the average of celebrities? "Oh yeah, but would love to do a robbery is Sofia, I like his style."

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