Monday, February 16, 2015

Emma Thompson in talk to play with Emma Watson again

[Version française]

Emma Thompson will play a little teapot, short and stout, complete with handle and spout.

The Oscar-winning actress is in negotiations to play Mrs Potts, the housekeeper turned into a teapot, in the live action film version of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast.

The kindly Mrs Potts helps Belle, the tale’s heroine, sort out her romantic entanglements. Emma Watson will star as Belle.

Director Bill Condon has been working with composer Alan Menken about which songs from the 1991 animated movie will feature in the new picture.

I suspect all of them, because they’ve become popular classics. Beauty And The Beast (Tale As Old As Time), sung by Angela Lansbury, won a best song Oscar for Menken and Howard Ashman — though Ashman was nominated and awarded his statuette posthumously.

The live action film is all part of a move by the Disney company to exploit its historic artistic archives in a responsible manner.

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