Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emma Watson is still not officially in Damien Chazelle's 'La La Land'

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After three Academy Awards wins last Sunday, Whiplash's director, Damien Chazelle gave new interviews and talked about La La Land, in which Emma was said to have a role.

We’re in sort of pre-prep, and the shoot itself is later in the year—fall. It’s set in contemporary L.A., but it’s very much an homage to that kind of Technicolor, Cinemascope, ’50s musical—A Star is Born, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, It’s Always Fair Weather. Miles is the lead, and we’re still casting the rest. Nothing else [in the cast] is certain. We’ve been scouting the past few months and choreographing and putting the final touches on the music.

He was more specific to the LA Times about the start of the filming:

We’re going to start shooting [the musical romantic comedy "La La Land"] in September or October. I’m definitely ready to get back to real work. You start to really feel a little weird when you’ve spent this long talking about work you did in the past and not about work you’re doing in the present. I’m really excited to make something else.

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