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Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [Nov 9 - 15, 2015]

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  • Emma is Instyle's "Celebrity Do-Gooder"
The winners are decided by online votes.

Celebrity Do-Gooder:

Allison Williams
Dwayne Johnson
Emma Watson – WINNER
Eva Longoria
Sophia Bush

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  • Emma is among Heat’s "top 10 richest British celebs under 30 list"
The list is based on collected earnings from TV shows, movies, record sales and product endorsements.

Adele’s upcoming third album has helped her make a comeback into the list and Watson’s continued work as a global ambassador for women has helped her considerable earnings grow.

1. One Direction (82.08m)
2. Daniel Radcliffe (£65.8m)
3. Robert Pattinson (£51.04m)
4. Adele (£38.1m)
5. Emma Watson (£35.33m)
6. Ed Sheeran (£35.2m)
7. Rupert Grint (£27.8m)
8. Zayn Malik (£20.52m)
9. Alex Turner (£13.19m)
10. Mumford & Sons (£12.45)

* * *

  • Alejandro Amenabar and Florian Gallenberger talk about working with someone like Emma

British director Ben Wheatley, 43, recreated a 1970s dystopia in his adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s "unfilmable" novel High-Rise with Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller; Germany’s Florian Gallenberger, 43, sent Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl to a real-life cult compound in Chile for 1970s-set Colonia; Spanish genre master Alejandro Amenabar, 43, delves into the dark recesses of memory for his mystery thriller Regression, starring Watson and Ethan Hawke; and Swiss documentarian Sabine Gisiger, 56, directed Durrenmatt: A Love Story, about the life and work of legendary Swiss playwright and philosopher Friedrich Durrenmatt.

In a frank, open discussion during the Zurich Film Festival in September, the four spoke about their fears, the career bump an Oscar provides and why you should ignore the advice given in screenwriting textbooks.

Alejandro and Florian and Ben have all worked with major A-list actors. Does it change your approach when working with a huge star like Emma Watson?

AMENABAR: For me it doesn’t change at the moment of being in the scene or shooting. Of course it is different, because when you are working with Emma Watson, you are going to have fans on the set trying to sneak a picture. But the experience of shooting is much the same.

GALLENBERGER: Of course there is a technical side to it — the fans and security issues. But for the process, it is about the character. You are not making the film with the star side of this person; you are making the film with the artist side of this person.

WHEATLEY: The person who is going to f— you up is the guy who’s got two lines. It’s the receptionist who has to say, “Yes sir. Booking you in.” That’s the troublemaker. Or the extra in the background who’s staring down the lens that you don’t see until you get the rushes back. That’s when the directing skills have to be at their best to get a performance out of someone who’s totally bad. The big actors are all great. That’s why they’re big actors. You barely have to do anything with them. If you cast them right, they’re fine. But it’s the smaller bits where you can come unstuck.

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  • Emma is AER's crush
With a massive fan base and several hits under their belt, the pop/hip-hop/reggae/rock duo are making the music they love to do. David von Mering and Carter Schultz talk about their past, their musical influences, good luck charms, which of the two of them has a crush on Emma Watson and what their Plan Bs would have been if they were not one of the hottest bands on the planet not signed to a major label.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush on Carter? And, when did you realize you were into them - in a film, TV show or at a concert? Finally, where and how would like to meet them?

Carter: "Definitely Emma Watson. I realized this somewhere along the Harry Potter series. I'd love to randomly meet her while doing charity work in Southeast Asia." (laughs)

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