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Emma Watson at the Elle Style Awards 2017 [February 13, 2017]

Exclusive little story at the end of the article.

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She received the Woman of the Year award. It was presented to her by Caitlin Moran who wrote 'How to Be a Woman', which has been one of Our Shared Shelf's pick.

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She might be winning a Beast's heart in her upcoming role as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but tonight, actress and activist Emma Watson has won the 'Woman of the Year' gong at the 2017 ELLE Style Awards.

On nabbing the coveted title, Watson opened up on how it feels to be recognised for her work, not only as an actress of Harry Potter fame, but a humanitarian.

'I'm not sure I deserve it really,' she admitted. 'But, I'll take it,' she joked.

'It's such an honour. It's such a lovely way to begin starting to do press for Beauty and the Beast so it feels like a really nice send off.

'It feels like I'm at the end of the harbour, ready to set off on my journey and it's a nice wave from the British shores,' she mused.

At this evening's award show, sponsored by H&M, the 26-year-old received her award from author and columnist, Caitlin Moran.

'Oh my god, I just love Caitlin,' gushed Watson.

'It's the dream. I read her books over about four or five year ago and I couldn't stop laughing and crying. To have her presenting me an award to tonight is beyond lovely,' she continued.

The gender equality advocate and UN Women's HeForShe campaigner revealed she struck up a friendship with the writer after reaching out to express how much of a fan she was of her work.

She explained: 'We ended up having coffee and she gave me all this fantastic advice about navigating feminism. It was such a relief.'

The actress, who studied English at Oxford and Brown university, opened up on Caitlin's life lessons as a woman and feminist, revealing she helped open her to a whole world of feminist thinkings.

'Caitlin has a certain resilience which I find particularly inspiring. She had this much bigger birds eye view than I did at a time of some of the things I was struggling with.'

'The kind of perspective I have and the longevity she has, kind of felt very steadying. She's so fucking funny so that helps,' she joked.

Watson's honouring of Moran and her feminist teachings comes weeks after she joined the Women's March in Washington DC.

Speaking about the current state of politics in the US and the infringement of women's rights around the world, the Paris-born actress said that while there might be upset and uncertainty, it's also been a time of unprecedented unity.

'That has been the upside of the downsides of late which is difficult times, but also this emerging, very cohesive group of women that are being very vocal and showing real solidarity.'

'The fact that we managed to organise one of the most peaceful, largest protests in history, says so much about what we can achieve and about us as a group. It feels very exciting,' she continued.

On scooping the award tonight, the Harry Potter star admitted she finds awards shows a form of escapism from day-to-day life.

'In a strange way, the unreality of them is quite comforting, in the sense that you embrace the unreal nature of them and it sort of feels likes it's a strange out of body experience that's wonderful and dreamy.'

'Then you kind of come back down and come back to reality. I compartmentalise, which is necessary in a funny way,' she said.

Now exclusive little story. Credit Emma Watson Updates if you use informations from the story below:

From the few videos I've seen (all Instagram stories so I can't link them), Emma ran a little to the stage in a playful manner when she was called:

She hugged Caitlin Moran:

Then seemed confused because there were two microphones, one on the stage and the one Caitlin was handing to her:

Then she said: "Is there anyone cooler to get giving your award from than Caitlin Moran?" Then Beth Ditto who was in the audience said "Yes" (she had given an award just before), which made everybody laugh, including Emma:

To which she answered "Other than Beth Ditto of course, of course, I'm so sorry.":

Then Caitlin Moran said in direction of Beth Ditto "Outside! Now!" And everybody laughed again.

A bit of her speech was "[...] it is more important than ever that platforms like you give a voice to feminists all over the world. Whether these feminists being privileged actors like me or [...]"

And it cut :(

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