Monday, March 6, 2017

Emma Watson talks apps, food, Friends and more

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It’s not every day that Emma Watson schools you on the latest in pet surveillance apps. But when we had the chance to ask her not just the apps that keep her life up and running (yes, even Emma Watson needs Waze to get around, guys), but what her last meal would be, what people say when they recognize her on the street, and her dream dinner party guests, we went for it. Here’s what we learned.

What people say when they recognize her on the street:

“What’s really interesting is that people are actually afraid to get it wrong! They’re always like, ‘Is it you, is it not you?’ And there’s this fear of getting it wrong. I always find it amusing. Mostly it’s like, ‘Are you the girl? Are you that girl?’ Which always makes me laugh.”

The one thing people get wrong about her:

“[laughs] Gosh…I’m trying to think what I get. I’m probably sillier than people think I am.”

Her last meal:

“That’s so hard, I’m such a foodie. My last meal… Dear god. It would probably be something involving pasta.”

The apps she can’t live without:

“I’m big into apps. I love Evernote, I love Wunderlist, I use that all the time. There’s a really good website, which is called Email Game, that I use to get through my email. I actually recently deleted my email from my phone because it’s just too much! I go on my laptop, and email game makes me check my email. I get through it in about half the time, so that’s been really useful. Waze, obviously. Traffic! I love Heads Up, do you know that game? Oh, and probably my delivery app [laughing]. Oh my god, and Pet Cube! This is life changing. You can buy a camera that fits in your apartment, and it’s a live feed. You can talk to your pets, and it comes with a laser that you can move around that they can play with. You can check in on them and see how they’re doing when you’re away! I get terrible mother guilt from being away from them [my pets] all the time, and it makes me feel better about that [laughs].”

Her go-to binge watch of choice:

“This is going to make me seem very uncool, but Friends! It blows my American friends’ minds, but in the UK, Friends still plays. There’s one channel that it’s on basically all the time, and I will watch Friends reruns forever. My friends are like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ It’s one of those comforting things to have in the background that just kind of makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay.”

Her dream dinner party guests:

“Obviously Shakespeare, obviously Maya Angelou. Oh, I’d love to meet Joni Mitchell. I’d like to meet Audre Lorde. I would love to go and hang out with the French Impressionists, because they were all buds. I’d love to go and, like, spend an evening with them, have a casual drink. That’d be pretty fun. Oh, Virginia Woolf. That’s a few!”

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