Sunday, July 22, 2018

Happy Anniversary to me!

It's my 10 year anniversary!!!... tomorrow (is this the sound of retirement coming that I'm hearing?). I prepared something for tomorrow so I'm creating this article now to let you know. Skip to the end of the article if you want to know what it is. Get your hopes down though.

[Traduction fran├žaise]

On July 22, 2008, I created my very first blog. I was in a bad place, I needed something to distract me from reality and here it was. And you'll never guess what it was about... Emma Watson! I know, what a shock. Why her? I don't know. Because I loved Harry Potter? Because she was the main actress? It was 10 years ago, who knows?

I started on a French platform called Skyrock. Or was it Skyblog? Or was it Skyrock but I kept calling it Skyblog? Can't remember. Doesn't matter. It was called Emma-C-Watson (here's a link but I completely emptied it since then) and here's what the introduction article looked like:

This is sooo cringe-worthy and I wish I could say my editing skills had improved but I had to share it. (did I though? Really embarassing but quite funny).

My blog was only in French as I thought my English was not good enough and I also thought there were not enough neutral French sites/blogs about Emma. You have to remember that at that time you basically had to pick between being a stan or a hater, no in-between.

Then, on February 22, 2009, I learnt that the boss of that platform was arrested for being a f*cking perverted pig to a teenager and decided to quit it and move to Canalblog. That's when Watsonuncensored was born and the blog is still up. I have to say that my pure, innocent young self had no idea that "uncensored" was something generally used by porn sites. I only wanted people to know I would post anything that had to do with Emma including private stuff (I know better now).

Then, on November 14, 2009, I got bored and decided to move to Blogger! I was working on my blog way too long, I took several breaks, until I completely burnt myself out and decided on February 17, 2013 to simply quit it. But that didn't last too long because I still had my Emma Watson tumblr account (that I still use) that I started to use a few weeks later as my new platform to share infos. I didn't work on it as much though and it last about a year and a half until I came back to Blogger and here we are.

(EDIT: I can add emmawatson-updates to the list now as I started it on October 30, 2018)

The reason I'm sharing all these unnecessary infos is both because I've been asked several times how it all started but also for me to have a trace of my blogging journey. I thought today was the perfect day to talk about it.

Now! What did I prepare to celebrate? Well, as I said , my editing skills are close to none and I don't have any contact with anyone who could give me exclusive infos about Emma unfortunately but I do have 10 years of searches behind me and decided to post 10 pictures of Emma tomorrow that I had never posted before. It's nothing exciting or recent and there are probably pictures that some (all?) of you will have seen already but I'll try to find some that I have rarely if ever seen in the fandom.

And if some of you wonder why I didn't post them before, well, it's getting very hard to find the motivation to post what you find when it took you hours, sometimes days, to find it, knowing it'll take only a few seconds for someone else to repost it on social media without giving their source (yes, I'll forever be bitter about this). So I'm making an effort here, you're welcome.

Hope you'll enjoy and thank you for continuing to visit this blog, even after all the annoying platform changes. I wonder if some of you have visited the blog since the very beginning. I highly doubt it, but let me know if you remember emma-c-watson.

EDIT: It was very hard to pick only ten moments and I have more pictures that I haven't posted yet so I'm thinking I might do one of those "I'll post a new picture when I'll reach x number of followers". I always side-eye these kind of things as it sounds really desperate but I think it might be fun to sort of challenge people. Also, it took me a few hours to find some of those pictures so I might enjoy making you all work for them ­čśť

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