Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Emma Watson and Laura Dern BTS of 'Little Women' with Greta Gerwig

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Anonymous said...

Just as well it was Emma that posted the pic because my first reaction was Greta was giving her a fair old scolding :)

Anonymous said...

Any rumours of a new project or audition by any chance...?

Anonymous said...

hope she uploads something festive this year for a change.

saying merry christmas/happy holidays to her followers takes little effort emma!

Anonymous said...

She is not Christian is she ? I thought she was atheist

Eden said...

She's not an atheist. She calls herself "spiritual" more than religious.

Anonymous said...

"She is not Christian is she?"

that has nothing to do with it whatsoever. She will no doubt have a tree in her homes and will be having christmas dinner.

you don't have to be a christian to have a party!