Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Emma Watson: "I feel Time's Up has helped cultivate a sense of community"

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“Personally, I feel Time's Up has helped cultivate a sense of community between women in my industry. People assume female actors all know each other and hang out, but we’re often quite isolated in an industry that can feel like an atomising force rather than a bonding one. Thinking back to the watershed #MeToo moment at the end of 2017, women in the industry were reaching out to each other, sharing experiences, organizing together in a way I hadn’t seen happen before. There was a sincere realization of the power of unity, which is something that women in other industries have of course known for some time!
The transformative power of solidarity also applies to the relationship between Hollywood and the wider world at the end of 2017. I was so inspired by the way women from other industries, backgrounds and work contexts stood with us. Hollywood is a privileged bubble and activists could have dismissed us, but instead they supported us, provided guidance and were open to collaborative campaigning. Many women told us that hearing high profile women in Hollywood speak out on these issues emboldened them to speak out too. That made me even more committed to raising our voices. I feel we have a mandate to speak up. If we, with all our privileges, platforms and protections don’t call this out, then how can we expect others to?
There’s still a long way to go, but I feel more optimistic now that we have new tools and mechanisms in our industry to protect and safeguard people from harassment and abuse. The past year has seen a whole range of guidelines, standards and helplines introduced -- such as the BFI bullying and harassment guidelines the UK industry has adopted, which means that a young actor or lighting assistant on set will hopefully have more of a sense of their rights, pathways of redress, means of support etc. than before."

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