Wednesday, June 19, 2019

First stills of Emma Watson in 'Little Women'

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For more photos of the cast (Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep) and an interview of Saoirse and Greta Gerwig, check out Vanity Fair.

Thanks to Susan, Britt and enchantedphoenix for letting me know.

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GoldenGemster said...

I loved Little Women and Good Wives but wasn't keen on the other books. I've seen all the film versions and look forward to seeing the new one. I think Emma is well cast as Meg.

Unknown said...

Here are the first pictures from the Little Women Remake 🎬, directed by Greta Gerwig of “Ladybird”. It is set to release in Theatres 🍿next Christmas. 🎄

I find the rest of the actors could pass for sisters but to me Emma Watson, as Meg March 👩🏻‍💼, doesn’t look related whatsoever. This is very disappointing. I fear I’ll just see a strange, dark-haired, American, Victorian Era Hermione Granger when I watch the movie. I really hope not.

I wonder why those in charge choose to dye her hair so dark! But she’s on point for the age of Meg as she is the eldest. Still, I think Soarise Ronan and Emma are/look a little too old for the characters. Jo is 15 when the book starts, and Meg is 16. They could both pass for 20 here.

What does everyone else think? Still very much looking forward to the film. Especially seeing Meryl Streep, I believe she is playing the Mom, Marmee and Timothee Chalet as Laurie is 😍. #littlewomen2019 #MarchSisters.

Gacek870 said...

I agree with Unknown, especially Emma, who normally still looks like teen, but when she has makeup, we can see her real age, so to me it is kinda strange. But in Hollywood there is a tendency to give adults a roles of teenagers. But my bigger concern is Emma accent. I know she lives in USA for years, but it is a risky move, to give this part to English actress. Beyond all of that I have to admitt she looks phenomenally.

Anonymous said...

To Unknown, I believe Meryl is playing Aunt March and Laura Dern is playing Marmee.

After seeing these photos, I'm still highly skeptical since I consider the 1994 film the superior one. I guess we'll see this Christmas.

GoldenGemster said...

Laura Dern is playing Marmee and Meryl Streep is Aunt March. My two sisters and I look nothing alike so I can live with the differences in the March sisters. Also people back in the 19th century tended to look older than we do today, probably because of the fashions and the lack of makeup - so I can live with that too.

Anonymous said...

Well as President of the Emma Watson moustache fetish society I can say I am now filled to overflowing in anticipation of the release of Little Women.

For those many, who I am sure are now interested in joining the EWMFS, I am pleased to say many senior positions are still available(eg vice-president, society secretary, member number 2).

Sign up now and get a free membership to the Hercule Poirot moustache twirling fetish society.

Emerson Mitchell said...

Little Women appeared earlier in 2019 on my television with Emma as Meg.

I’m eager to see the theatrical version later this year!

D. Fetterolf said...

To those so concerned about Emma being English and being able to pull off an American accent, are you also worried about Saoirse, who is Irish; Eliza, who is Australian; or Florence, also English? Emma has never disappointed me as an actress or a person. If you're that concerned that you'll be disappointed, you certainly don't need to see the movie. If there are actors you like and have faith in, go and see them.