Thursday, February 13, 2020

Emma Watson in Mexico [January 16, 2020]

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Thanks a lot to Viviana ;)

She was at the airport but that's all we know. Don't know if she was arriving as she wasn't spotted anywhere around that time. The next time she was seen was in London two weeks later, and once again, I couldn't find any sighting of her since.

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Anonymous said...

Is it really her? Don't get me wrong, but it's unusual that there weren't any other pictures of her in Mexico. But if it is her I must say she didn't look happy here.

Anonymous said...

It looks like her, and she's the same "almost famous" cap that she'd a while back too. I hope she was there for work !

Anonymous said...

Emma, where are yooooouuuu?? Please, show yourself!! Talk to us!! :P

Anonymous said...

I wonder what her rationale is behind the 'almost famous' hat. does she think it's humorous, because it's so ironic?