Saturday, July 4, 2020

New photo of Emma Watson pre-fame (around 1995)

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Thanks to Charlotte on the blog's Facebook group.

The mom of the person who posted it on TikTok was Emma's nanny.

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Anonymous said...

Hair and outfit on point!

Anonymous said...

She hasn’t changed much has she!

In other news, the Week named the Bling Ring as one of the best recent movies about America. Really unrated movie, it’s a brilliant meditation on celebrity culture and I always like satire.

Anonymous said...

can't believe you didn't post my boyfriend gag eden.

Anonymous said...

Emma has contributed to the new Adam Kay book “Dear NHS”.

Eden said...

"can't believe you didn't post my boyfriend gag eden"

I couldn't tell if it was just a joke or if you were tring to shame Emma. I could have sworn I had kept it just in case but I can't find it anymore, sorry.

Anonymous said...

'Emma showing us with her fingers how many boyfriends she will have every week when she is grown up'

Thank you. I'm here all night :D