Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Emma Watson will help create an alternative London underground map

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Thanks Anon in the comment section :)

     "In their acclaimed book Nonstop Metropolis, Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro created an alternative map of the New York subway system, renaming stops after women, non-binary people, and female groups. The map then became an iconic poster and sparked numerous conversations about public space, history, gender, feminism, and memory. In 2019, the independent publisher Haymarket Books released a new version of the map with a revised list of station stops: https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/1421-city-of-women-poster.

We now want to do the same for London, claiming the iconic Underground map for the women who have made and continue to make the city. Solnit and Schapiro will work with award-winning writer Reni Eddo-Lodge and actor and activist Emma Watson alongside historians, writers, curators, community organisers, museums, and librarians to produce a map that changes our understanding of public history.

This offering is inspired by all the women and non-binary people who have shaped London's history, as well as other projects that have already done much to re-imagine the city from a similar perspective. The contributors would particularly like to acknowledge previous reworkings of the London Underground map, such as We Apologise for the Delay to Your Journey by Thick/er Black Lines (https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/tate-exchange/workshop/we-apologise-delay-your-journey), the Literary Tube Map by In the Book (https://www.inthebook.com/en-gb/literary-tube-map/?utm_expid=.Xu1yNT5qTf63FY0Im6ffDw.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F), the Great Bear by Simon Patterson (https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/patterson-the-great-bear-p77880), and other similar projects. The City of Women map hopes to further contribute to the way London is imagined, navigated, and lived.

Help us produce a map worthy of the city's countless women heroes by leaving your suggestions in the FORM."

If you have news to share (pictures, infos, scans...), please send an email to eden@emmawatson-updates.com
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Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated but... It seems like Disney re-released B&B in movie theaters again. And it did pretty good it was #1 for the week.

Anonymous said...

Listen, first I can assure you guys that it's not a hate post or anything like this, more like curiosity, so can somebody explain to me what is the point of this kind of projects?, especially in this kind of times. Making alternative maps not gonna help any woman achieve her goals or dreams, it looks like it is gonna be made, just to boost women egos

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool but... I already know people who won't even use the tube (because they dont even live in London)are going to be complaining about it. And some dumb ass is going to be like "I wonder what Emma thinks a woman is". Or some shit like that. Don't get me wrong it's nice that they're going to rename some places after historical/legendary women. But let's be honest they're are people who are going to give shit for this on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

"Early in the lockdown, the (UK) government promised 37 million pounds, or about $46 million, in emergency funds for domestic abuse charities, but as yet only £1 million has reached front-line organizations." 2 July 2020

Imagine if Emma publicly called out Boris and others for their inaction.

"The UK faces a fresh child poverty crisis...The total number of children living in relative poverty...was 4.2 million in 2018-19, up from 4.1 million the previous year, equating to roughly 30% of all children." March 2020.

Imagine if Emma used her profile to speak about that issue.

But no Emma will help devise an unusable map.

Maybe it's just me but I hoped Emma could help make a real difference, but instead we see these nice, inoffensive and relatively pointless actions.
So typical thoroughly middle-class Emma.

Anonymous said...

Any word on her contribution to the Dear NHS book?

Anonymous said...

"Imagine if Emma publicly called out Boris and others for their inaction."

Imagine if her kind made a full contribution to society?

Anonymous said...

As an educator and working a lot with students I really appreciate this new project that involves also Emma. She is very active on promoting gender equality and encouraing to speak up in order to fight against injustices, prejudices and not feeling accepted or included. Starting from the Women of London Map Tube I am sure that there will be numerous educational projects that will help our society and that will encourage to reflect on our past and on our present, promoting better attitudes. I am really proud of Emma's work.

Anonymous said...

Ella ha compartido cosas en twitter de organizaciones que están reuniendo dinero para los afectados por esta pandemia asi como ha dado RT por esta noticia del mapa en el metro, pero tu solo quieres quejarte asi como muchos otros solo quieren quejarse por esto.
Si ustedes estarían interesados en la personas afectadas por esta pandemia hubieran hablado de lo que Emma a compartido pero supongo que la gente que no hace nada le gusta quejarse para sentir que al menos esta haciendo algo aunque eso ni si quiera ayude ni de alguna energía positiva.

Anonymous said...

To be fair she shares a lot about important issues...

On another subject, Emma’s feature on Dear NHS is short but sweet, she mentions playing with toys in an nhs waiting room when her mum had issues with her diabetes, breaking her toe during a dance contest and having it put back to a semi normal place, her brother breaking his ribs and being looked after, taking a friend to hospital in the US when his lung collapsed and him having to produce insurance papers and how she’s so grateful in the UK they don’t have to do that, she also talks her anger at how hard funding cuts have made things for junior doctors and how her best friend, her husband, mum, dad and brother are all doctors and how much she respects them, and how much she respects healthcare workers looking after everyone during the pandemic.

Anonymous said...

I don’t see the point of this project if you can call it that. On another note, still no movie announcement. I hope this and the fashion things r not the professional commitments she spoke of in book club announcement. The book club commitment was better than this latest project. Just do some films Emma...

Unknown said...

I don't get the hate for this. It's a way of raising the awareness of woemn's contributions to London and if it makes a few apeople think about and research some of the names then it will have done it's job.

Emma has been supporting Rosa and other charities who are actually raising money and giving grants to women in need. Not sure that attacking Boris will do anything more useful.

If all her supporters responded by donating even £1 each to the Rosa Covid appeal it would make a real difference. They have already distributed the first round of their grants from teh fund.

Anonymous said...

Emma does more than her share for lots of things, most of it we only find out when others talk about it, like Sam Mendes saying she’s donated to the Theatre Artist Fund