Sunday, October 11, 2020

Emma Watson among the most admired people of 2020


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I'm back! I'll spare you the repetitive story of the struggling 8-year-old laptop. But know that if there are no updates when there should, I haven't abandoned the blog, I'm just fighting my laptop to the death. Also, I'm trying to understand how the "new" Blogger works. Much more complicated for my 3-year-old brain. 

So, once again, Emma is part of YouGov's World's admired. 

Her placements according in the different countries and worldwide. I think it's getting lower and lower but at least she's on the list: 

4th: Mexico
6th: Worldwide, Argentina, Hong Kong, Spain
7th: Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines
8th: Belgium, Indonesia, Japan
9th: UK
10th: Colombia, Russia, Switzerland
11th: Germany, Italy, Singapore
12th: Australia, Canada, UAE
13th: China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, India, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam
14th: Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway
15th: Netherlands, Sweden
16th: France
17th: Brazil, Portugal
18th: Poland, Saudi Arabia
19th: South Africa, US

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Anonymous said...

It’s the first time I see this list. Do you know in which positions has she been in the past? When did she appear on the list for the first time?