Friday, October 22, 2021

Emma Watson interviewed at the Earthshot Prize Awards in London [October 17, 2021]


[Screencaps] [Fashion] [Version française]

Looks like cuts from a longer video. I'll search for it tomorrow, let me know if you find it first, please.
"To be honest, just feeling inspired. Inspired and motivated. And it's just such an interesting, amazing group of people and it just makes me excited and hopeful for the future. There are people who are thinking like this and just what they have been able to come up with, it's just unbelievable. If we were all thinking in a way that these innovaters were thinking, we'd have climate changed solved overnight. There's just so much heart power, brain power... It's just special to be around."

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Anonymous said...

it might just be a short stinger video to advertise on social media for people to go watch the event on bbc iplayer?