Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Emma Watson at a restaurant [October 09, 2022]


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The person didn't say where it was taken. They're from Venezuela but the video was taken by their brother so it could be anywhere.

Thank you to the people who let me know about it 😀

Credit: Anna Laura

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Anonymous said...

That not Emma.

It's a scammer who looks like her and keeps getting free meals from restaurants.
The clue is the upturned collar.

So if you own or work in a restaurant and someone claiming to be Emma Watson (and has an upturned collar)comes in, grab a frying pan, hit her over the head, tie her up and call the police.

The real Emma will thank you.

Unless of course it's a cold windy day outside and it is the real Emma.
Well then you are in a shitload of trouble.

Anonymous said...

It could also just be Emma Watson eating in a restaurant. Come on o.O

Eden said...

It was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Eden, I know. But just the speculation itself and staring at someone like in a museum for his private life … it makes you feel like being a freak

Anonymous said...

i think wonderland is finally released