Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Emma Watson nominated at British LGBT Awards 2023


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She's nominated as 'Celebrity Ally' with Alison Hammond, Harry Styles, Jenna Ortega, Katherine Ryan, Michelle Visage, P!nk, Patrick Stewart, Sir Rod Stewart and Simone Ashley.

You can vote HERE.

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Lucy said...

along with her environmental work her allyship to this community in recent years is some of her most vital work and the best thing emma does

so many people in danger right now need people with a large platform and voice like Emma to show support and to humanize and give hope to lgbtq+ people everywhere

thank you emma x

Anonymous said...

Very happy for Emma and LGBT people who feel she has helped them in some way. I think Jenna Ortega will win as her fanbase has exploded after Wednesday but really everyone listed is winning by helping people in need by speaking up for them

Anonymous said...

yay! go emma! xD

Anonymous said...

The internet did not like that Emma took these kinds of stances but she did it anyway despite knowing media and online harassment would increase and cause stress and fear for her. as did others on the list no doubt
I hope she will be proud of standing up for something no matter who is trying to drag her down

Anonymous said...

hmm i think the harry styles fangirls will dominate this poll tbh lol

but yeah im glad emma is on there with the others and is recognised for her work

i still remember her powerful interview with Paris lees and the true connection to LGBT she showed during it.

Anonymous said...

So incredibly proud and happy for her ❤️ she definitely deserves it

Anonymous said...

Don't just talk folks, vote!

Jac said...

Eden what's Emma's film company called?