Monday, October 16, 2000

Harry Potter filming report mentions Emma Watson

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From FilmForce:

"On Monday, I headed over to Durham Cathedral to see what I could see. There were approximately 10 large trucks parked outside. They've been there for about a month now. There was plenty of security around, and the guards swooped in on people with cameras, but they apparently didn't people watching.

"One scene was set in the Cloister, an open grassy area surrounded by archways that lead into a square corridor. The whole place has been covered with fake snow, so this is obviously from one of the winter scenes at Hogwarts. The scene being filmed was one of Harry walking into the square with Hedwig and sending her off. Hedwig flew off just a bit, and then they shot a 'flying away' scene that didn't include the owl at all. It was just the camera tracking up into the sky. Presumably, the bird will be added later as a visual effect.

"Another scene was shot in a high balcony of the cathedral. All of the balconies feature stone archways that look out into the huge cathedral chamber and across to the balconies on the other side. The set was dressed with fake cobwebs, and the hall was filled with smoke. There were lights illuminating the stonework. I couldn't see the people in the scene as they were so high up. What I could see however, was a lot of flashing lights, as if fire was somehow involved in the scene. You could hear some of the action and the voices of the actors, although they were a bit muffled. The only phrase I picked up was, 'We're done for!' I could also hear the voice of someone giving instruction to one of the actors, possibly the director saying, 'You're frustrated here, maybe look over your right shoulder.' After the scene had been shot the actors playing Harry, Ron, and Hermione came and waved at the on-lookers from the balcony. Rupert Grint seemed to be enjoying it as he showed off a bit.

"Finally, I took a peek at one of the classroom sets. It's similar to the one in the photo from your site, but a bit more 'finished.' I still have no clue as to which classroom it might be, but Maggie Smith has been spotted walking around near the cathedral so it may be Professor McGonagall's. The next day, it appeared the classroom scenes were being filmed because the room had been sealed off and there were lots of kids in Hogwarts outfits milling around."

"Apparently filming was to go on until today."

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