Saturday, April 7, 2001

Emma Watson and other Harry Potter kids had to sign a confidentiality agreement

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Apparently the Harry Potter kids are blabbermouths XD

According to the Daily Record, they had to sign confidentiality agreements to avoid leaks.

The child stars of the Harry Potter film were forced to sign confidentiality agreements to stop them spilling the beans about plot secrets, it was revealed yesterday. There was tight security in place to stop snoopers getting onto the set of the movie, due for release in November. But the latest revelation shows just how far the producers are prepared to go to keep their secrets. Performers as young as nine were made to sign before being allowed on to the set.

A spokeswoman for Warner Bros told

As a matter of routine, we asked the parents or legal guardians of the children who are working on the set to sign these agreements. The purpose of them is to stop people discussing various aspects of the film before it's released.

Sources: Mugglenet, Ananova

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