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Emma Watson for the Sun (New photoshoot and interview)

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From the Sun:

IF Harry Potter star Emma Watson could choose someone to play her love interest in the movies, it would be ... Brad Pitt.

The 14-year-old who plays Hermione Granger is a huge fan of Hollywood hunk Brad.

And she WILL have romantic scenes in the fourth Potter movie The Goblet of Fire — when Hermione falls for a Bulgarian quidditch player called Viktor Krum.

But she accepts that, at 40, Brad is not going to play a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She says: “Brad Pitt is too old to play Viktor Krum unfortunately. I have met the actor who will and he is lovely. He is so nice. I think the romantic scenes will be all right. It’s not too romantic.”

The youngster from Oxford shrieks with excitement when she recalls the day she met Brad.

He was filming Troy at Shepperton Studios, which is close to Leavesden Studios where Harry Potter is made.

Emma says: “I have a bit of a soft spot for Brad Pitt.

“I was told originally that I was going over to Shepperton to do some sound recording.

“Then Emily, who is my chaperone, said, ‘Emma, we are not going to the sound studio at all, we are going to meet Brad Pitt’. I went mental, I was so excited. He is so nice.” But perhaps Emma should not be so star-struck.

After all, her first two movies, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, are two of the top seven biggest box office smashes of all time.

Brad cannot sneak one of his many films into the top ten.

The next Harry Potter epic, The Prisoner of Azkaban, opens in Britain at the end of May and looks set to put more bums on cinema seats than any other film this year.

Hermione and Ron Weasley are Harry’s best friends and after the hero himself are the most important roles.

So Emma has become the most famous schoolgirl on the planet.

Despite that she has kept her feet firmly on the ground.

Emma is very polite but insists she is no goody two shoes like swot Hermione.

She insists: “I am definitely not Miss Perfect. I enjoy school but I’m not top of the class in everything.” When pushed she reluctantly admits: “There is a little bit of Hermione in me.”

Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron asked Emma, Dan Radcliffe, who plays Harry, and Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, to write essays on their characters. Dan wrote a page, Rupert forgot to do it — and Emma wrote 12 pages. She smiles: “I did write quite a few pages.

“But in my defence I have quite big handwriting and I leave big spaces.”

Emma describes herself as a bit tomboyish AND a bit girly.

She loves to wear jeans and T-shirts and says: “I love sport, I’m such a sport fanatic. I’m into athletics.

“On sports day I did tug-of-war. The girls at my school were all at one end of the rope, and the guys at my school all at the other end. Who won? The girls. Apparently it’s to do with us having stronger thighs or something. We were good.”

The teenager tells of her delight that Cuaron allowed her to wear jeans in the new Potter film.

Emma was more than happy to ditch her dowdy Hogwarts skirt.

She said: “I was so pleased. It felt so much more comfortable out of school uniform. This one is much more of an action film and we do tons of running and stunts and I just couldn’t do it in a skirt.

“I am more of a jeans and T-shirt girl, really.”

But, on the girly side, Emma admits: “I love fashion. It’s a very fun way of expressing yourself but I don’t spend too much time on it. My dad has a house in London, so sometimes I do a bit of shopping in Harvey Nichols.” Unfortunately for Emma she had to dye her hair mousy brown in Azkaban to make sure she looked like Hermione.

She said: “I have to say I did go a bit blonde when I went on holiday and the film makers put a bit of brown in my hair.”

But she loves the fact that Hermione gets tougher in Azkaban and thumps school bully Draco Malfoy.

Emma says: “Hermione is rock ’n roll in this film.*

“She punches Malfoy and is dissing all the teachers.

“Well, she gets mad with Professor Trelawney.

“She says something very cutting to her and storms out her lesson, which is very unlike Hermione. That is fun. Hermione is great fun to play. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist. Hermione is just fun, she is an interesting character.”

These days Emma is not keen on seeing herself acting in the first Potter film.

She was only ten when she was cast as Hermione and had previously only appeared in school plays. She says: “I saw a picture of me in the first film the other day and I looked so much smaller.

“My mum looks after a little guy who lives next door and when he comes round all he wants to do is watch Harry Potter.

“The other day I came into the living room and saw myself in the first film and I thought, ‘Oh my goodness’. It feels like ages ago.

“It’s hard to watch my first performance. I’m a big self-critic.”

Emma was born in France at a time when her lawyer parents worked in Paris.

She says: “I lived there for five years and then we came back to England. My parents loved living over there.

“I used to speak really good French and then I forgot it all when I came to England.

“I’m going to New York for the American premiere but I wouldn’t want to leave England. I’m quite patriotic.”

Both her parents, who are divorced, will be going with Emma to the States.

She says: “My parents are very supportive. They try to help out as much as they can, but they both have full-time jobs.

“They get involved as much as they can. They take time out of work, which is very sweet.” Emma and her family try to ensure her life stays as normal as possible. She has kept the same gang of friends and is rarely pestered by fans.

Emma explains: “I do my best to socialise. In between filming I go back to school and I still have all my school friends.

“I don’t think I have suffered any girls being jealous of my success. I have a really nice, supportive group of friends who are really close. Maybe one or two people might be jealous but I don’t pay attention to them.

“At the moment things are reasonably quiet because the new film isn’t out yet.

“I don’t really get recognised a lot. People where I live are very polite about it.”

When Emma is filming she feels she is a member of a big family.

She and the other young actors in the series, Dan and Rupert, have become great friends.

She says: “They are really good fun. They have me laughing all the time.

“I normally get spared Dan’s pranks because I’m the girl.

“But Rupert and Dan are such a good comedy act, they just throw jokes off each other.

“I swear that after Harry Potter they will be on a comedy show together.”

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