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Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe at 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' NYC press conference [May 24, 2004]


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Transcripts by Emma Watson Updates.

Journalist: Were you more confident this time around when you were doing this film?
Daniel: Yeah, I think so, definitely.
Emma: I think we(?) get more and more confident every time, really.
D: Just 'cause we're kind of more experienced with different directors.
E: Yeah, and it's nice because a lot of the crew who was on Harry Potter 1 is still doing Harry Potter 3, so it's great.
D: It's just like a family basically.

This video starts with the end of Emma's answers to an unknown question but I'm guessing they're talking about Hermione and Ron.

Emma: ...relationships. You always tease the ones you like.
I can't hear the full question of the journalist but I think they basically ask Emma if she received letters from fans about girl power Hermione.
E: Well, I suppose the film is really new, really, so I haven't had anything for this film which is really her girl power film but I hope I've done justice to her character, because it's my favourite book and it's such a great part for her in the third book and I hope that, you know, I did her justice and, you know, she's what they all thought she'd be.

Again, they cut at the end of Daniel's answer and we don't hear the question but I'm guessing they're talking about fame? Maybe?
Daniel: ...I don't think I've lost anything
Emma: No, I wouldn't (no idea which verb she used here) it for the world either.
Can't hear the journalist's question but it seems to be about the scene where Hermione punches Draco.
E: I loved it! I loved every single second of it. Girl power! It was great. I would have done it for a whole week, but we got it in a couple of takes. I'm like "Why? I wanna do it again, let me do it again!" No, it was fantastic. It's great!
D: It's a great moment.
E: It is a great moment. It was cool.
D: It's one of those moment, like, in the premiere, everybody cheered when she did it, you know.

Journalist: So you mentioned that you are maturing... I'm over here.
Emma: Heyyy!
Daniel: Sorry. Thank you.
J: You guys are fantastic by the way. So you mentioned that you're maturing. Now, you are finding out that you're teenagers and as the (?) goes on and on, you know, you're going to be experimenting with little, you know, more teenage stuff. Have you noticed more attention from members of the opposite sex? Can I ask you about your love lives? Dating anyone?
D: Hum, no, sorry.
E: Not really.
D: Sorry to disappoint you. I mean, obviously, I'm sure both of us have noticed members of the opposite sex because we're now... fourt- (talking to Emma) you're fourteen now?
E: I'm fourteen.
D: So, you know, we're just kind of, I suppose, going through what (Emma: every other teenagers' going through) any  person (?) who's thirteen or fourteen, basically.
Can't hear the question. Anyone with super-hearing can help?
D: Maybe a bit, yeah.
E: Yeah.
*crown of journalists laugh which really makes me curious about the question*
D: Yeah.
Emma: Yeah, definitely.
D: Not complaining, really.

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