Sunday, May 30, 2004

Emma Watson at the 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' London Premiere [May 30, 2004]

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The Premiere took place at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

From the BBC:

Emma Watson played up to the cameras - giving an ear-piercing scream for Blue Peter cameras - and seemed every inch the young professional.

"This is my favourite of the films, and my favourite of the books too," she enthused. But then there was a backwards glance to the roaring crowd. "This is a massive shock. I don't know how anyone gets used to this."

From Emma Watson Fans (Click the link to read their whole experience with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and co.)

Next up ...Emma Watson (Hermione)! she was slowly making her way through the fans and eventually to us, she looked completely shell shocked at the amount of people who were there! My friend managed to get the picture I had of her (which i was wanting her to sign) out of my bag and shoved it under Emma' nose! Emma smiled and signed my pic..all this whilst I was Snapping away on my camera but being completely shoved and squashed by an over enthusiastic fanboy who barged his way to the front! GGRRR!! My friend said "Emma I really Like your dress!" Emma let out a big smile and said "Thanks" before being carted away to do more interviews by her Chaperone.


after Emma, Rupert and then Daniel had all had their photo's taken and sent inside..Emma Came back out! she decided that she had not signed enough autographs and Proceeded to go back down the far end of the walkway and stay and sign for a frther 5 minutes....cute.

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