Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emma Watson at Brown University [October 15, 2009]

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"we pulled into Brown University in Rhode Island yesterday. and cuz we’re good nomads and all, we got there early to scout out the area and do some office work. you know. so the gps told us to go this certain direction, but lindsay with her indian guide spirit decided to turn right. 
okay. so up to this point, we’ve been secretly and outloud-ly been hoping to see Emma Watson at Brown and invite her to our screening. Yes. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. 
Anyhoo, so we’re driving this direction… and my spider senses tell me that EW is that direction and i can FEEL it. so we drive towards that direction, pumped and excited cuz we’re going to see emma watson soon. 
dun dun dun.guess what? 
yes. EW walks right past our car. past the passanger side of the car… so i had my camera ready, but i wasn’t fast enough, so i only got her back. 
sorry fans. :*( 
but anyhoo. we would like to say that we’re better than matt wood (one of the 2 regional managers). you may have been able to call a homerun, but we were able to call emma watson from harry potter. matt: 1. team northeast: infinity."

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