Monday, April 11, 2011

Emma Watson's interview with Lizo Mzimba for BBC News

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Video available on BBC or Youtube.

Transcript by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use it, please. Thank you.

Lizo Mzimba: Despite huge anticipation, Deathly Hallows Part 1 managed to exceed many people's expectations, becoming one of the ten most successful films of all time and taking close to a billion dollars at the box office.
Emma Watson: I was thrilled with the response, you know. I feel like it was a real step-up from the other films. I mean, obviously, I am incredibly proud of them too but I think in terms of the performance we gave and just what we were able to achieve. I was really really proud of it.

Lizo: Now it's almost time for the final movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Emma: It looks incredible. I mean, obviously I'm always biased, but it just looks amazing. The ending just looks epic. It's really really great so I'm very excited.

Lizo: What was the last day filming like and did you have hair issues? I read somewhere.
Emma: We did some reshoots just before Christmas and obviously I had cut all my hair off because we had officially had "the last day". So I did have to wear a wig for that but you'd never know. I would be amazed if anyone can tell where that scene slots in.

Lizo: The film stars are now embarking on other projects. Daniel Radcliffe is currently performing on Broadway, Emma's working on other movies.
Emma: It's exciting to start branching out, obviously. You know, having done just Potter for 10 years. I'm making a film in May, which I'm really excited about, which is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America. So we're doing an American accent which is a challenge but it's nice to do something different.

Lizo: She's also enjoyed modelling and working in the fashion industry.
Emma: I think I was 11, 12 years old when I first went on my first red carpet and I've just kind of had to, you know, dressing and fashion kind of just became part of my life and part of my world and what I was doing. So it was just something that I started really loving.

Lizo: Just one of the opportunities that have sprung up thanks to the film series that's dominated her life.
Emma: I don't have that many memories when I wasn't making Harry Potter films. I was 9 years old, you know, I was still a child. So it made up the formative part of my life.

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